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Pristine Beaches, Food Hubs, and Blood-pumping Adventures? Only in Cebu!



Choose Philippines | Sep 29, 2016

Foreigners and locals alike have been going back and forth to the Queen of the South for its historical and religious landmarks, beautiful beaches, warm and friendly people, and of course the sinfully delicious lechon.  

Beyond the tourist destinations, Cebu surprises with unusual spots for the thrill seekers, nature lovers and gastronomic adventurers. 

Check out Yooki's first hand experience as he explores Cebu and its different facets.


Kawasan's canyoneering is the highlight of Yoo Kii's Cebu adventure! But first he had to conquer his fear and confront the 30 feet cliff. After that life-changing jump, there is no stopping Yoo Kii!

The beauty of this natural wonder makes you want to just stop for a moment, taking it all in -- the white foam of the cascading water against the backdrop of the blue sky and verdant foliage all around. Breathe in the fresh air. Nothing like that in the city.

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Head over the raft and dip your legs in the clear blue water. The water will be cold but refreshing. 

Two words -- ButandingS (aka whale sharks) everywhere.

Enough said.

First off, the flavorful German Flammkuchen Pizza and Cebu's City Beer Garden to cap off the day. This perfect combination will give you a surge of new energy. 

Party the night away at Mango street bar. Spontaneous restaurant hopping in the city? Why not?

Eat your rice, Cebu style! Open your tightly packed pandan leaves and dive in.

Tired of all the eating and blood pumping adventures? Unleash your inner historical buff and visit Fort San Pedro and the Chinese Temple.

Adios, Cebu! You are definitely one for the books.

(All photos are owned by Yoo Kii.) 


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