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Paoay's Mysterious Lake

Ilocos Norte


Renzelle Ann Palma | Sep 02, 2013

Locals especially children all are too familiar with the infamous story. Parents would often sway their kids from swimming on the deeper parts of the lake because of a belief that it is home to the previous residents of the lake. As the story goes, the lake was once a place called San Juan de Sagun, the Philippines’ very own Sodom and Gomorrah.

Due to the materialism of its people that angered God, an earthquake sank the town thus, the birth of the lake. Up to this day, Ilocanos still believe that the fishes and creatures in the deepest part of the lake are decorated with earrings and crowns because these were ones the materialistic people of the vanished town.

Today, the story and mysticism add to the charm of the lake. The residents embraced its legend and the tourists who started discovering it soon followed. Now, it is home to hundreds of tourists, migratory birds, sports attraction and is the most prominent feature of this quaint town.

Just recently, the Paoay Lake is the venue for an international Olympic-style rowing regatta. With its placid waters, vastness and scenic beauty, these factors make it the perfect place for this kind of sporting event. Paddle boarding and wake boarding can also be done here in the near future.

Bird watching is also slowly becoming an attraction in Paoay Lake. Migratory birds visit the famous lake from far off countries. One of the recorded birds to fly here on record is the Great Cormorants from Russia. Sighting for this kind of duck bird is in November to December where it is winter in Russia. In these months, the lake is enveloped with hundreds of migratory birds that also attract bird enthusiasts and photographers from around the world.

Make sure not to miss this beautiful body of water once you head up north. The façade of the lake alone is well worth to Paoay, Ilocos Norte.

To get there:

By Plane: Laoag is the gateway to Paoay, Ilocos Norte.

Philippine Airlines flies between Manila and Laoag daily. Book your flights now at: • From the Laoag Airport, Paoay Lake is just 15 minutes away. Vans and tricycles are available outside of the airport. • Travel time is around an hour

By Bus: There are hourly bus rides to Laoag via Farinas, Florida and Partas. • Travel time is around 10-12 hours • Price range: 800php ($19) and up • From the bus terminal, Paoay Lake is just 10-15 minutes away. Take the tricycle to your destination near the terminal. Haggle for the fair, it can go down to 150php ($3)

For more information and assistance: Ilocos Norte Tourism Office Provincial Capitol +63-77-772-1211 loc 119 + 63-77-770-4242 [email protected] [email protected]

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