A Truly Vibrant Kalibo As Seen Through A Talented Videographer’s Eyes


Choose Philippines | Feb 17, 2017

A Truly Vibrant Kalibo As Seen Through A Talented Videographer’s Eyes

The Ati-Atihan Festival, held annually every January in honor of the Santo Niño, is an event that often pulls in visitors and partygoers from all over the Philippines, as well as those from outside the country. It’s rated as one of the best festivals the Philippines annually holds, alongside other fiestas like Sinulog and Panagbenga. However, for one videographer, the Ati-Atihan of Kalibo, Aklan, is extra special, and he strived to show it in his recent video.

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Fun and festive!

Patrick Martin, a videographer and photographer based in the Philippines, was recently tasked by the Department of Tourism to create a short film that showed the vibrance and fun vibe that the Ati-Atihan could offer to its visitors. What he created was simply stunning: he showed off not only the local festival participants, but also the many domestic and foreign visitors that flock to join the month-long party, in one creative and festive use of three minutes and nine seconds. He describes it simply as “a gift of love for the passion of Kalibonhons.”

Patrick Martin is the founder of Patrick Martin Adventure Films, whose mission in life is to “Exploring the wonders of the world, one adventure film at a time.”

Watch the awesome video made by Patrick Martin here:

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