Carabao's Milk


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Not everyone knows how carabao milk is as nutritious as cow’s milk, or arguably even more. It’s also classified as as a complete food for the abundant vitamins and minerals it has to offer.

Popular in the Philippines, carabao milk is not only drank by Pinoys but also a popular breakfast treat to most. Mixed with steamed rice and paired with tuyo (dried fish), this early morning treat reminds most Filipinos of their childhood.

Nowadays, carabao milk can also be made into cheese (kesong puti), pastillas de leche, cakes and different kinds of pastries. These products will not only satisfy your sweet tooth but they can also give the nutritional benefits that only this kind of milk can offer.

There is also a proposal by the milk manufacturers to offer carabao milk to children suffering with malnutrition. Complete with protein, fat, lactose, vitamins and minerals, carabao milk is beneficial to the health and welfare of children.

Carabao milk is richer, creamier and a good source of energy. Make sure to give a try and enjoy the tasty treats that it only this kind of milk has!

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