The Best Steamed Rice Cake — Manapla Puto

The Philippines steamed rice cake, famously known as “puto” is one of the famous native delicacies of the country. Also known as a delicacy of Manapla, a town in Negros Occidental, it is eaten as is or with butter or grated fresh coconut and it is also best partnered with “dinuguan” (blood stew).

There are many variations of puto. Manapla puto is a variant that is cooked specifically with saba banana leave underneath for the flavor. Manapla puto can be bought plain or with flavor like margarine, etc.

Manapla puto is soft and has fine texture.

  • For the plain puto, ingredients are: rice, sugar and milk
  • For the puto margarine, ingredients are: rice, sugar and margarine