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Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream


Ida Damo | May 23, 2013

Davao has a new “must-taste” food that hits the sweet spot!

Davao’s Sweet Spot Ice Cream combines Davao’s fresh fruits with milk, honey and sugar, and passion for good all-natural delicious food in a scoop! It’s the freshest home-made ice cream that you can find in Durianburg.

One of its best sellers? Durian Dynamite! Real Davao chunky durian bits plus… crocodile eggs! Yes! A crocodile egg is mostly yolk that is why the ice cream using crocodile eggs is creamier. For the faint hearted, there’s the regular durian dynamite using chicken eggs. Chicken? :)

Its Dragon Fruit flavor doesn’t spew fire but eases your parched throat with smooth creamy antioxidants that you would never imagine would taste so good.

And the milk used? Skimmed milk! Thus, less fat. Even the sweetener used is not your regular sugar but honey and coconut sugar which is why Sweet Spot’s ice cream is good even for those watching their diet.

Other flavors are Coffee Rush, Strawberry Good, Dragon Fruit, Mangomazing, Cookie Monster, Chocobangbang, Melon Mania, Banana Bomb, Crazy Cheeze and Vanilla using vanilla beans not extract.

Other flavors are being concocted using the freshest fruits in season.

When this writer was busy tasting scoop after scoop of the different flavors, the Coffee Rush was sold out. With the best quality coffee beans coming from the hinterlands of Davao, it is no wonder the Coffee Rush is a best seller.

Aside from the Coffee beans, the Cocoa beans used for the Chocobangbang are also sourced from Davao’s farms. The sweetest Mangoes, bananas and dragon fruit are all part of Davao’s bounty making it a showcase of Davao flavors in one delicious scoop.

Price range from PhP40-70 per scoop.

For those who know the process of making ice cream, it is not all blasting or air… its real cream, fruits, sweeteners, milk and everything delicious that goes with home-made all natural goodies.

Sweet Spot’s passionate owner, Bianca Dizon, hopes to bring its smooth cool goodies to a wider clientele by putting an outlet in Rizal Promenade in Davao’s downtown area and would also open their doors to cater to parties where people can create their own flavor and name it after them!

So when you get the craving for oohhhlala ice cream, head off to the Davao Crocodile Park, Riverfront Corporate Center Complex, Diversion Road, Davao City. For inquiries and orders, call (63) (82) 225-0184 or 0917-3170420.

With an average of 100 cups sold per day and triple that number during Davao City’s Kadayawan Festival, Sweet Spot really hits the spot!


From Manila, Davao City is and hour and 40 minutes by plane and 3 days and 2 nights by land and sea. Davao Crocodile Park is just 15 minutes ride by taxi from the airport or from any point from downtown Davao. Taxi Flag down rate is Php40.

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