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Did Pope Francis Like Carabao Milk Ice Cream, Bananacue & Other Pinoy Treats?

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Choose Philippines | Jan 21, 2015

(Story from ABS-CBNNews.com, with a report from Caroline Howard, ANC.)

"Simot na simot 'yung baso niya," recalls Chef Jessie Sincioco about the time Pope Francis was served local ice cream — the Mantecado, a creamy mix of carabao milk and eggs. It was accompanied with dried mango, one of a tropical country's (like ours) staple.

Chef Sincioco was selected last September 2014 to do the menu for the duration of the Pope's stay at the Apostolic Nunciature, His Holiness' home in the Philippines.

"He loves bread but he also likes rice. That when we served him our rice risotto, he really...simot. He really finished everything," adds the chef, ecstatic about the "experience of a lifetime."

WATCH: Chef Jessie Sincio's gives in detail the Papal Menu


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