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Choose Philippines | Oct 27, 2016

Choose Philippines honors the Filipino delicacies that serve as a region's sumptuous signature dish. It satisfies your cravings for Pinoy flavors while at the same time offering a totally novel and distinct gustatory experience. And because a region's cuisine is an indicator of its heritage and shared history, you know that no trip would be complete without taking a bite. Check out the healthy dishes that are nominated at the Choose Philippines Awards and vote now!

Photo from Alab Restaurant

Alab Restaurant's Pinakbet

Alab's dishes will make you reminisce your mother or grandmother's hearty home cooked dishes. 

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Photo from Dong Juan

Dong Juan's Broccoli in Mushroom and Seaweeds

Entering Dong Juan's is like going back in time to the Spanish colonial era. Their Brocolli in Mushroom and Seaweeds is an interesting dish to try.

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Photo from Greens Vegetarian Restaurant

Greens Vegetarian Restaurant's Tofu Sisig

Vegetarians will be delighted to taste this Tofu Sisig.

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Photo from Kuya J Restaurant

Kuya J Restaurant's Lumpiang Presko

Kuya J provides a wide range of delectable dishes served with love and passion. This is the kind of restaurant you would like to return to again just to try all the meals in their menu.

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Photo from Pipino Vegetarian Food

Pipino Vegetarian Food's Eggplant Tofu Miso

Vegans or not, Pipino serves amazing dishes good for your body and your taste buds.

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