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Choose Philippines | Oct 27, 2016

Choose Philippines honors the Filipino delicacies that serve as a region's sumptuous signature dish. It satisfies your cravings for Pinoy flavors while at the same time offering a totally novel and distinct gustatory experience. And because a region's cuisine is an indicator of its heritage and shared history, you know that no trip would be complete without taking a bite. Check out Choose Philippines Awards and vote now.

Photo from Alab Restuarant

Alab Restaurant's Beef Morcon

Izureuru Koi of Zomato expresses his satisfaction and enjoyment for having tasted Alab's Restaurant's Beef Morcon. It was divine and delicious. 

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Photo from

Club Balai Isabel's Bulalo

When you're craving for some steamy rich Bulalo, Batangas is the place to be! A whole new Bulalo experience made by Club Balai will truly be one of your most memorable gastronomic experience

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Photo from Full Belly Craft Kitchen

Full Belly Craft Kitchen's Beef Belly Tapa

Whether tender tapa or juicy tocino, Full Belly Craft Kitchen serves sumptuous Filipino dishes you can not get enough of.

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Photo from Rodic's

Rodic's Beef Tapa

Sweet, salty and savory tapa paired with a tasty sinangag. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, merienda, and dinner. The iconic meal of every isko and iska.

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Photo from There's Something About Sundays

There's Something About Sunday's Beef Steak

Light and beautiful interiors and all day breakfast meals. This cosy and relaxing restaurant will not just satisfy your palate but also bring out your inner zen.

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