Parañaque, The New Maginhawa Street Of Metro Manila?

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Choose Philippines | Oct 30, 2016

Recent technologies and social media has made food a truly accessible and widely-available commodity, with eateries, restaurants, and food places dotting nearly every corner and block of every city. However, the larger number of restaurants has created a higher need for restaurants to differentiate themselves, especially among those of similar cuisines. This usually pushes many restaurants to look to social media to showcase their best dishes, such as the following…

1898 Bistro

Despite being fairly new, the Filipino restaurant has effortlessly found itself within the hearts of many patrons in and around the BF Homes area. Serving traditional and classic favorites like sisig, all manner of silog, pinakbet, and grilled meats, 1898 serves its food in such a way that it feels close to home. And because of its proximity to many subdivisions and villages, it literally might be close to YOUR home!

Learn more about them and their food here.


The Urban Farm

The Urban Farm is all about one thing: Nature. Much of their good food has been sourced locally, with careful attention given to making sure that all their ingredients are natural, healthy, and sustainable. Friendly to all types of diners, Urban has something delicious for you, whether you identify as a meat-eater or vegan, and of course, each and every single one of these offerings have been meticulously (and deliciously) prepared with love and attention to detail!

Learn more about them and their food here.


House Of Wok

Many Filipinos growing up near large Chinese communities quickly understood what made Chinese food special, and when you live in the fiery and culturally-rich streets of Binondo, you quickly realize that sometimes, food takes on a life of its own. This is the nostalgia the House Of Wok attempts to build on: the restaurant is meant to cater those tastebuds that miss the taste and deliciousness of Binondo cuisine, but can’t afford to travel all the way to Manila from Parañaque. The moment you taste their Pansit or their spareribs, you’ll understand why residents love this little piece of Binondo.

Learn more about them and their food here.


Test Kitchen Caffe

What started out as a simple kitchen used to test products and to experiment on commissary food (hence the name), the kitchen has eventually bloomed into a full-fledged café, complete with an expansive kitchen, a knowledgeable staff, and chefs that can easily rival the best of Parañaque. Though small, the place doesn’t hold back on ambition or flavor: to describe their liempo-lechon hybrid as “masarap” would be an understatement! It’s truly something you have to try to believe.

Learn more about them and their food here.

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