5 Restaurants You Should Try For A Delicious Christmas


Rafael Reynante | Dec 19, 2016

Christmas is nearly upon us, and more and more friends and relatives are encouraging you to let them come over for an early Christmas lunch or dinner. But what if you don’t have time to actually prepare for all of them? Easy: take them all here, and they’ll love you, regardless.

Apag Marangle

Apag Marangle's Pinoy dishes

Apag Marangle, a term in Kapampangan, simply means “Hain sa Bukid,” or “Eating on the farm.” It’s a combination of “apag,” meaning “table,” or any setting which involves food, and “marangle,” which is simply Kapampangan for field or farm. The owners took this term to heart: the first-ever Apag Marangle is located on their private farm, just a little off the NLEX, located between Guagua and San Fernando, just along Jose Abad Santos Avenue. Though they already have more than a few branches around Luzon, the original establishment featured a dining experience unlike any other, and really took the idyllic dining escapade of eating in a farm, surrounded by nature, to the next level. 



Guevarra's Puto Bumbong

Chef Laudico's Guevarra's Buffet Restaurant is all about Christmas nostalgia: the establishment was created with your grandparents’ cozy house in mind. It tries to recreate that feeling of visiting your grandparents after Christmas, and spending the rest of the day there. In fact, even their food reflects this nostalgic trait, and just recently, both Chef Laudico and Chef Jackie introduced their Yuletide Menu just in time for the holidays, and was inspired by the "Paskong Pinoy," a combination of two great things: Home + Food. 


Casa Roces

Spanish and Filipino flavors meet at Casa Roces

To call the food in Casa Roces “kingly” would be an understatement. Located in the heart of Malacañan, with an excellent view of the palace, you are treated to a historical trip of food that showcases the best of Filipino and Spanish cuisine, with offerings like Paella, Callos, and Lengua. We definitely bet many presidents and government officials have dined and enjoyed the delectable food here, so you better have a taste of it for yourself, this coming Christmas!


Boiling Crabs and Shrimps

Crispy Garlic Tuna Belly

Davao is home to Mt. Apo, the Philippine Eagle, and delicious, delicious seafood, and that isn’t an exaggeration. Boiling Crabs and Shrimps is cuisine designed to be as messy as it is delicious, with bags and bags of seafood delivered to your table, and you given the choice whether you’re going to eat with utensils or with your hands. Davaoeños may not have the chance to showcase their food to Manileños every day, but we’re sure, during those few moments that they do, us Northeners definitely have no choice but to fall in love with them.


Hillside Cafe & Juice Bar

Delicious food without the guilt, photo from Rod Acuzar of Just Go Pilipinas

The holiday season is all about feasting, and sometimes feasting on not-so-healthy options. However, Hillside thinks otherwise: they’re part of the few healthy options out there, serving both vegan and vegetarian-friendly fare, as well as healthier meat dishes. This option is definitely for those looking for a nice venue to celebrate with friends, without all of the added guilt of lechon, lengua, and all of those other sinful dishes!

We hope your Christmas is as bright and as fun as the food you’re about to partake in. Merry Christmas!

Which restaurant are you most excited to try this coming Yuletide season? Share your best food journeys over at!

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