Pinoy Food Invasion Continues: Cordillera Salad Is The Next Big Thing


Choose Philippines | Jan 16, 2017

Pinoy Food Invasion Continues: Cordillera Salad Is The Next Big Thing

Last year, according to numerous online publications, Filipino was one of the most popular search terms in North America, primarily in the USA. In fact, the year before that, and before that, and perhaps a few more years before all of that, Filipino food was being search for and sought after. Perhaps it’s because of the ever-expanding palate of Americans, or maybe it’s simply because our local cuisine is just so darn good, but Filipino food is definitely in the minds of millions of Americans, and they’re willing to pay to enjoy it.

This time, according to Kate Krader of Bloomberg Pursuits, “Filipino is the next big thing—again.” She continues further, saying that “this cuisine has been on the lips of American food prognosticators for years. Here's why the time has finally come to believe it.” She had listed several reasons as to why, after numerous years, this was indeed finally the year for Filipino food, including reasons like Bad Saint (a boutique Filipino restaurant based in Washington D.C.) being featured as No. 2 Bon Appétit’s annual America's Best New Restaurant list. Another reason to be excited for Filipino cuisine, Krader writes, is the fact that searches for “Filipino food” and “lumpia near me” have skyrocketed since 2012, pointing to what many believe as Filipino’s true time to shine.

Bloomberg Pursuits seems to love our cuisine

Locally, more and more Filipinos are paying better attention to their food, being more thoughtful as to where the ingredients come from, and more importantly, if the ingredients themselves have been sourced locally. One of the restaurants at the helm of this thoughtful way of dining is The Wholesome Table, represented by Bianca Araneta-Elizalde. During a recent event organized by Zomato and hosted by The Wholesome Table in Estancia Mall in Pasig, Bianca Araneta-Elizalde had broken the news of the restaurant’s new brand: The Wholesome Bakery, serving delicious pastries that are gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and of course, locally-sourced and produced.

Delicious--and healthy--cupcakes!

They showcased their food to us, and though many of them were undoubtedly creations originating from the West, much of the produce and meat has been sourced locally, owing to the restaurant’s social responsibility: they wholeheartedly believe that good food starts with good ingredients, and the farms they source their ingredients from are of the highest quality, both in terms of production as well as work conditions. For them, treating the farmers and people who care for the food is a sure way of ensuring quality.

Avocado Eggs on Toast
Vegan Paella

One dish truly stuck, and that was their Cordillera Salad, inspired by a multitude of Filipino flavors, and sourced from the highlands of Luzon. The salad featured super vegetables like kale, candied sayote, organic eggs and Sagada oranges all in a delicious dish that could be a meal in itself. Much of the food they showcased included vegan, gluten-free, low-carb, and organic dishes. So, Bianca jokes, you can bring your meat-eating dad, and your vegan auntie, and everyone would be perfectly happy with the food.

Cordillera Salad

All in all, if all Filipino cuisine was of this quality and caliber, it’s no wonder it’s easily competing with other cuisines in the minds and palates of Americans. It just goes to show that Filipino food, especially if it’s paid close attention to, and is made with passion and empathy, will inherently be delicious no matter what it is. Whether it’s balut or a Filipino-inspired salad, it’s going to delectable and wonderful for anyone trying it.

Imagine that, your favorite lumpia and adobo, to become food trends in the international restaurant scene this coming 2017! Share your thoughts down in the comments below, or share them to us via!

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