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330 Minutes Jaunt In Tropical Paradise of Kalanggaman Island



Nhagz Torrecampo | Dec 20, 2016

330 Minutes Jaunt In Tropical Paradise of Kalanggaman Island

When the island is getting all the attention as one of the best summer destination in the Philippines, I instantly included it on my bucket list. According to my friends who already visited the place, the island has everything you ever dreamed of an ideal island way of life. The stunning wide white sands, azure sky and the crystal clear water.  Kalanggaman became famous because of its translucent water, fine white sands and long sand bars extended on both sides of the island. I already have the picture in my mind of what this island can offer.

When I arrived at Malapascua Island last the 10th of December for my event blog post, I was surprised of what I’ve heard from a guy, namely Leo. Offering me  for a 1 day tour island hopping package from Malapascua to Kalanggaman Island for only Php 800 including a lunch buffet. It astounded me because when I first visited the island of Malapascua, they usually offered a day tour package to Kalanggaman island with a higher cost. Since, I am longing to see the paradise of Palompon, Leyte. I was never reluctant to accept Leo’s offer. Eventually, I advised him to have it scheduled the next day because I have a friend who will go with me.

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The day before our trip, I can really feel and the vibes of our excitement and eagerness to embrace the paradise of Kalanggaman island. While waiting for Leo to pick us up to the resort where we stayed. We decided to roam around the coastal part of the island.

At exactly 8:30 am, Leo picked us up with his motorbike and brought us to the shore where we have to wait for the other group of people who joined the island hopping.

At exactly 9:00 am, the boat departs from Malapascua going to Kalanggaman island. I was a bit withdrawn because me and my friend are the only locals of the group.

Luckily, our journey was perfectly smooth and with calm weather. I cannot see any huge waves slamming our boat. Another good thing, our boatman is very bubbly, extremely skilled and very entertaining to his passengers.

It took us for only 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach our destination since the boat sail so fast. Our desire to embrace the paradise has been paid off when we finally saw the pure white shore and coconut grove of Kalanggaman Island.

Everyone was overwhelmed as we approach the island. The greenish-blue see and crystal water was so inviting. I wanted to jump even before we reach the shore. The fine white sands extends one sandbar to the other sandbar. Is this a dream or what?

As we finally docked at the white sandy beach of this magnificent island. There were already a lot of vacationers when we arrived there.The island is a perfect getaway from the stress, the noise and pollution that we endure in the city.

Look! how the fine white sand stretched the island???? It is really white, it sometimes emits a high bright glower that can possibly hurt your eyes. I recommend you to wear good quality sunglasses with a dark and UV protection.

At exactly 12:00 noon, the boatman called everyone’s attention for our sumptuous lunch,they’ve prepared pork barbecue, fried chicken, pancit canton with nutritious  watermelon. After we filled our tummies with those delicious lunch,we instantly headed back to the east side of the islet,since we only have 2 hours and 30 minutes left more hours left for our day tour, while others went to their own leisure.

Coconut trees are lined up around 15 minutes from the shore where you can tie a hammock. This side is wide enough to play volleyball and patinteros.

The powdery and pearly white sand reminded me of my  Camotes Island jaunt. The little island is inhabited  and well maintained by the Tourism office of Palompon municipality. Though, you can see some structures in the island like, huts and cottages where the caretakers usually stay.

As we walk along the east side of the islet, there is a fallen tree that was whiten by exposure to sunlight.
Nothing can be more romantic than watching the clear aqua green water, tropical and paradise island.

This is the longest sandbar I have ever seen of my entire life. It really took time to reach at the end. Calm waves push the clear water on one side while the other side was unexpectedly turbulent.

As we checked the time, it is already 2:30 in the afternoon and we only have 30 minutes left, since our boat will lead back to Malapascua island by 3:00 PM. Thus, we spent the remaining 30 minutes by walking along the shore heading back to the boat.Since, there is still remaining minutes of our time. We really make used out of it by doing snorkeling nearby our boat. (No pictures available, because my camera’s battery got empty.)


As we said goodbye to the tropical and paradise, Kalanggaman island, the beauty of the island really impossible to forget.I realized that my quick jaunt to the island is one of the promising travel I had. That five hours of my journey to the beautiful island really made my day perfect and a magical one.

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