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Move On This 2017: Enjoy The Real Thrill In Canhugas Nature Park



Rey Pagayanan | Jan 03, 2017

Canhugas comes from a root word "hugas" which means to wash. During the ancient times, fishermen were observed to be visiting the site to wash their caught fishes before going home. Today, Canhugas Nature Park is a good place for those men and women who wishes to move on before 2017 starts by letting the pain be washed through the appreciation of nature's work of art. 

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With the 2 hours and 30 minutes travel from Tacloban, a good place to visit this holiday seasons is the pride of Hernani Eastern Samar, the Canhugas Nature Park.

The nature's work of art will allow you to view the breath-taking scenery of big waves attacking the Bato-Bato Peak facing the Pacific Ocean. This is one of my best sites in the place where I shouted all the angst and uttered all the grudges I felt at that moment. Where it is truly relaxing, remember to be very careful in climbing since the stalagmites-like texture of the rocky mountain is a little bit challenging. One good tip is to bring your mountaineering shoes.

What will amaze you more about God's creation is the natural swimming pool where you can choose the depth of your own decision. The pools got the coolest temperature of water with fishes and other sea creatures to join you. Well, it will also leave you one good lesson - there are many fishes in the ocean, move on and fish a better one.

The real thrill that will surely astound you is the Canhugas Mini - Falls where the overflowing waters come from the big waves of the ocean. Be sure to hold tightly on the rocks if you want to feel the true adventure in your life. Otherwise, the big waves can leave you scars that will definitely let you remember how weak you are just as I am.

The enjoyment will never be that fulfilling without the friendly people of Hernani. They are very accommodating and you'll really feel their genuine advocacy towards the ecotourism development of their place. Though it is not yet on its full operation as a resort, it has volunteer tour guides to join you with free jokes and trivias.

Leave those stressors and have a life you deserve. Enjoy! How to get there?

From Manila/ Cebu , ride a plane or a bus bound to Tacloban. In Tacloban, ride a van via Borongan for 200 pesos. Tell the driver to drop you at Catholic Church in Poblacion 2 Hernani. Canhugas Nature Park is just a walking distance, just ask the community folks and they will accompany you. You can visit Canhugas Nature Park Facebook page for details.

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