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Batanes: The Elusive Land Of Unparalleled Beauty



Choose Philippines | Jan 27, 2017

Batanes: The Elusive Land Of Unparalleled Beauty

Batanes, an archipelago province, is situated northernmost of the Philippine territory with proximity even closer to Taiwan than that of the mainland Luzon.

Its elusiveness, due to quite expensive flights, moody weather and distance from the metropolis, perhaps makes it one of the most sought-after travel destination in the archipelagic nation of the Philippines. 

Photo Credit: Camille Ysabela Co

Whether you have braved your way to Batanes or still calculating the cost of stepping one’s foot on this island, a sneak peek of its stunning panorama wouldn’t hurt.

Photo Credit: Camille Ysabela Co

Here’s a short reel of  this unparalleled beauty that is 162km off-coast Luzon showcasing a trip down limestone-walled houses, long winding roads, and verdant rolling hills over cragged frothy shores.

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