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International Travel Site: Palawan's Hidden Group Of Islands Could Be The Most Beautiful



Choose Philippines | Feb 10, 2017

The Philippines profoundly has the most beautiful islands in the world: the famous limestones and pristine islands of El Nido alongside Coron’s magical underwater world and its astonishing lakes are being recognized both locally and internationally. 

However, there is still so much to discover in this Philippines paradise. Hidden up north the Palawan, lies Calamian Island (aka Calamianes Island) which features dreamy seascape and exquisite dive sites. It was acclaimed to be “the most beautiful” by known international travel website Conde Nast.

"Hidden for decades behind the shadow of more popular Philippine destinations, the Calamian Islands (or Calamianes) are finally getting their turn in the spotlight," says the article. 

Stepping foot on this island may be more accessible now. 

"It wasn't all that long ago that it would take an eight hour ferry ride to get there from the capital, Manila. These days, improved transport and tourism infrastructure (daily flights and luxury hotels) makes the area more traveler-friendly."

Always remember to be a responsible tourist while enjoying this untouched and sublime tropical paradise.

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