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Death Pool, Cabongaoan Beach, Colibra Island In Burgos, Pangasinan: Itinerary & Budget



Yua Dominguez | May 22, 2017

I bet when you hear about the province of Pangasinan, the pack of islets beautifully scattered in Alaminos, known as Hundred Islands, would be the top of mind.

One should consider exploring the other municipalities in the huge region of Pangasinan— take Cabongaoan Beach for example.

There are other unexpected and notable spots that should be under your radar in Burgos, Pangasinan. Six hours travel time would be the least of your concern for this side of the province will surprise you. 

Take our word for it!

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Day 0

2:00 am            ETD Manila

Day 1

8:00 am            ETA Cabangoan

8:30 am            Breakfast

9:30 am            Travel to Colibra Island

10:30 am           Colibra Island

12:00 nn            Lunch

1:00 pm            Depart Colibra Island

2:30 pm            Death Pool

4:00 pm            Back at Cabongaoan Beach

6:00 pm            Dinner

9:00 pm            Sleep

Day 2

8:00 am            Breakfast

10:00 am          ETD Cabangoan

4:00 pm            ETA Manila

Contact Kuya Judy Burlaza (0917 333 6976) for Island hopping inquiries

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Transportation                                     Php 400 x 2 (Back and forth

Food                                                    Php 100 x 5 (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Colibra Island Boat Fee                       Php 1,500 (Ex: divided by 5)

Colibra Island Environmental Fee       Php 25/per person

Colibra Island Parking Fee                  Php 100 (Ex: divided by 5)

Death Pool Boat Fee                           Php 300 (Ex: divided by 5)

Emergency Funds                               Php 300

                                         TOTAL =    Php    2000


Cottage Fee at Cabongaoan Beach    Php 500

Cottage Fee at Colibra Island              Php 200

Contact Kuya Judy Burlaza (0917 333 6976) for Island hopping inquiries

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  • If you’re staying for more than a night, bring your own tent!
  • Buy your raw meals first before heading to Cabongaoan Beach Beach. Cottage fee includes rental of grill.
  • There is a sari-sari store within the vicinity for some necessities. However, there are no raw or cooked meals other than canned goods.
  • As much as possible, bring all the goods you need before heading to Cabongaoan Beach since the road leading here is quite extensive.
  • Inclusion of renting a cottage are parking and shower fee
  • You may opt to sleep at Cabongaoan Beach or Colibra Island

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  • Burgos Pangasinan: Ask the locals about that waterfall
  • Dasol Pangasinan: Tambobong Beach and Cabacungan cave
  • Bolinao Pangasinan: Waterfalls and Patar white beach
  • Alaminos Pangasinan: Hundred Islands

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Manila to Cabongaoan 

(by car)

  • Manila to Malolos Bulacan
  • Malolos Bulacan to Angeles Pampanga
  • Angeles Pampanga to Tarlac City
  • Tarlac to Lingayen Pangasinan
  • Lingayen to Alaminos Pangasinan
  • Alaminos Pangasinan to Burgos Pangasinan
  • Burgos Pangasinan to Cabongaoan Beach

(by public transportation)

Option 1 

  • From Manila you may ride a bus heading to Alaminos or Lingayen 
  • From Alaminos, ride a public transportation to Burgos
  • From Burgos, ride a tricycle or jeep to Cabongaoan Beach

Option 2

  • From Manila you may ride a bus heading to Sta Cruz or Infanta 
  • From there, ride a public transportation to Burgos Pangasinan
  • From Burgos, ride a tricycle or jeep to Cabongaoan Beach

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