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LOOK: Here Are 100 Of The Philippines' Biggest Islands, Ranked Based On Size

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Choose Philippines | Aug 01, 2017

In this age of free information, internet, and instantaneous data, it seems as if cartographers and the entire art of map-making is redundant: why make a new map when someone has already made one, and it’s easily downloadable online?

A fair argument; however, as landscapes change and tectonic plates shift, so must our maps. In fact, with the recent change in island count here in the Philippines—from 7,107 islands to now only 7,641—it simply proves that cartography and the people passionate about it are just as relevant as they ever were.

One example of those passionate and talented map-makers is David Garcia, a renowned geographer and cartographer who has recently unveiled his latest work, showcasing 100 of the largest islands of the Philippines, ranking them based on size.

Anyone with enough time and dedication can create a map; much of the information needed is already easily accessible. However, what makes Garcia's work stand out is the fact that he meant to create something that was both informative as well as aesthetically pleasing. In fact, the map he created is beautiful enough that you'd want to frame and hang it somewhere as a work of art, because indeed, that's what it is.

Overall, the map is a subtle showcase of Garcia's pride and love for his country, making sure that each island is portrayed accurately, showing the transitions from plains to valleys to mountains. Love for the Philippines often takes on many forms. This is merely one of them, albeit quirky and unconventional.

Garcia said it best himself: "The country, which has more than 7,000 islands, is home to high levels of biodiversity; and to everyday hospitality."

Show your support to David Garcia’s work by liking his page, Mapmaker here. You can also download the full resolution image of the map here.

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