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Doze Off At The Secret Tropical Paradise Of Calubang Island



Yua Dominguez | Aug 24, 2017

The astounding Calubang Island is one of the main attractions of the exciting island tour in Iliolo. And since its part of the excursion, it is found at one of the surrounding islets of the main island of Gigantes. Only a pump boat or a tourist boat are your only access in reaching pure tropical bliss.

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Tides were high when we arrived at the bayfront. My appreciation vanished since there was only a small portion of sand that’s visible. However, eventually the tides slowly disappeared making way for us to enjoy the beach much more. Calubang Island may not be your ideal go-to spot but its perfect for globetrotters who prefer the scenic and sequestered coastline.

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How To Get Here

  • There are regular flights from Manila to Roxas or Iloilo
  • From either Roxas or Iloilo city, head straight to Bancal port at Carles or Estancia port
  • Ride a passenger boat heading to Isla Gigantes 
  • From here, you may ride a habal-habal to bring you at the sandbar

Nearby Destinations

  • Other islands included in the island hopping: Cabugao Island, Antonia Island, Tangke Lagoon, Bulubadiang Island, Bantigue Sandbar
  • In Isla Gigantes town proper, rent a habal-habal to see the historic Spanish house and lighthouse
  • Explore the fascinating Bakwitan Cave
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