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Sunset at Mt. Tapyas


Ida Damo | May 22, 2013

If only we could see the sun shine and set every day we wouldn’t have a doubt on how beautiful the world is.

Big words but in my case, every sunset that I can witness and every sunrise I can get myself to wake up to is always a source of wonder.

So the first stop on the island of Coron in Palawan is a “short” climb to Mt. Tapyas to witness what a blogger friend said is a must do… sunset from Mt. Tapyas.

The “short” climb is 750 steps on a concrete stairway. The first 200 steps were spent stopping every now and then to take pictures of the island of Coron as it unfolds one step at a time and catching one’s breath.

For those with altitude sickness or asthma and would have difficulty breathing, the first 300 steps would be the best place to stop. Concrete benches are available for resting and picnics.

The view from these resting nooks is still beautiful.

But if you go the whole 750 steps and a thousand breaths later upon reaching the big cross at the summit of Mt. Tapyas, the sun’s setting rays over the islands is indeed a sight to behold.

You bask in the golden glow that surrounds the peak, the island and the other islets and you wonder how the colors of magenta, orange, yellow, and pink could blend so well.

You take pictures of the sunset from every possible angle and maybe whisper a prayer for witnessing such beauty.

Next time you’re in Coron, Palawan, climb Mt. Tapyas and catch a sunset’s ray :)

WHAT TO BRING AND DO: • Water is a must. The climb is not technical but you will surely catch your breath. • A camera to capture the sunset and to record your climb. • Wearing rubber shoes is a must. Others may make it on slippers or sandals but it would sure make their feet ache. • Comfortable clothes.


Major airlines fly daily to Coron (Busuanga) from Manila and Cebu. Fares would range from PhP600 (US$15) one-way on a promo basis or PhP4,000 (US$100) regular one-way fare. Mt. Tapyas is just within Coron town proper. Coron has a variety of packages to choose from and different attractions to visit.
We were fortunate to have a very satisfying package tours/accommodation/guide with Coron Vilage Lodge.

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