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7 Celebs Who Have Hiked The Philippine Mountains

Baguio, Mountain Province, Batangas, Rizal


Choose Philippines | Aug 01, 2017

The Philippines is lucky to be blessed with such an abundance of natural resources, from beaches, to lakes, to waterfalls, and to everything else in between. Granted, international tourists have taken notice of these things over the years, but of course, even locals have, too. Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao have no shortage of mountains to climb, and hopefully, these local celebrities will inspire you to conquer your very own mountain, as well!


Angel Locsin

Angel has always been an adventurous lady: from her choice of acting roles, to the places in the Philippines she visits. Recently, she had proven just how adventurous she was when she did a twin hike of two Batangas mountains, namely Mt. Apayang and Mt. Talamitam.


Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia

Billy and Coleen are both fitness geeks, and it's no surprise that they love spending time at the gym as much as they love spending time outdoors. Of course, it won't compare to how much they love each other! Here they are showcasing their love at the ever-so-popular Mt. Pulag.


You see that @coleengarcia? That's where we going. It looks hard but I'm with you so its all good!????

A post shared by Billy Crawford (@billyjoecrawford) on


Daniel Matsunaga and Erich Gonzales 

Going through Instagram of the ex-couple, it's easy to say that they're in love with traveling. Though they favor the many beaches of the world (as well as the many, many equally-beautiful beaches of the Philippines), there's a soft spot in their hearts for the mountains of the country, especially when it's with a group. Here they are conquering Benguet's Mt. Ulap.


Mt Ulap ?? Mt Everest next ahhahahaha yeahhh ????????????????????????????????????????????????

A post shared by Daniel Kenji Matsunaga (@dandanmatsunaga) on


Rhian Ramos

Speaking of Mt. Pulag, Rhian Ramos had also once visited the Mountain Province, not merely as a hiker, but also as a visitor to the great and legendary Apo Whang-Od.


Solenn Heusaff

Solenn, for a lot of women all over the Philippines, is a true inspiration: she is empowered, beautiful inside and out, and a strong advocate for health. However, her desire to be healthy often coincides with her love for the Philippines, and for her, scaling a mountain is just like any day at the gym. In this instance, here she is conquering Rizal's Mt. Daraitan like it was nothing!


Reached the top! #MountDaraitan #HotSosFitClub

A post shared by Solenn Heussaff (@solenn) on

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