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Does Batangas' Mt. Milagros In “Love You To The Stars And Back” Really Exist?



Choose Philippines | Sep 04, 2017

The new film starring Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto revolves around Julia’s character Mika running away from home, feeling isolated and outcast by even her closest family. As she sets out on a road trip to try and seek the aliens that she hopes will bring her someplace better, she stumbles upon Joshua’s character Caloy, a mild-mannered young boy, who, too, is on a journey somewhere. The two decide to travel together, with no set goal apart from wanting to reach the fabled Mt. Milagros.

Mt. Milagros, located in Batangas, and is thought to be the land of aliens in the movie’s fiction, was too good to pass up. However, despite rigorous research, we realized that the place, albeit beautiful, was made up specifically for the movie. However, there are so many equally-beautiful mountains in Batangas you can travel to—hopefully without being abducted by aliens. See some of them below:

Mt. Maculot

Bring your friends, bring your dog, bring no one else but you: the choice is yours.

Mt. Lalayag


Mt. Batulao

A place that showcases how beautiful Luzon is!

Watch the trailer for the highly-anticipated Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto film below:

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