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Puerto Galera's Tamaraw Falls Is Open To Public Again After Disaster

, Oriental Mindoro


Rafael Reynante | Mar 17, 2017

Despite being recently ravaged by typhoons in recent months, Puerto Galera refused to be held back. In fact, the local government merely took this supposed tragedy in stride, and used as stimulus for growth, encouraging the repaving of roads, the repairing of infrastructure, and of course, the reopening of numerous tourist destinations damaged by the typhoons.

A truly beautiful waterfall!

One of these tourist destinations include the Tamaraw Falls, located in Barangay Villaflor in Puerto Galera. According to the LGU staff we spoke to, the falls had fallen into mismanagement over the years, and was eventually closed down. However, at the behest of the local government, it was repaired, with safety rails and even a man-made pool at the bottom being added, and recently reopened to the public.

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Its name comes from the historical fact that it once housed hundreds of Tamaraws, which are endemic to Mindoro. However, as the climate and environment changed—and as humans encroached upon the Tamaraw’s territory—the species dwindled and soon became an endangered species. The only proof that the Tamaraw once inhabited the falls lies in the name, and perhaps the statues erected nearby, in honor of the humble animal.

The waterfall is easily accessible, as it is beside the main road in Brgy. Villaflor. It is about a half-hour drive or bike ride from the town proper, but may take longer if you’re heading straight there from the ports around Puerto. The environmental fee is Php 30, and this allows you to access the falls for the day, as well as swim in the man-made freshwater pools at the bottom of the falls. One pool is shallow at about 4 feet deep, and another at about 12 feet deep.

Here’s a video of Puerto Galera’s LGU staff inviting you to come visit this beautiful waterfall:

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