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Detoxify Bar And That Thing Called Detox


Maritess Canlas | May 13, 2015

Detoxify Bar And That Thing Called Detox

Many eons ago, the word detox was very much associated with a drug addict undergoing a process to rid his/her body of toxins and harmful substances.  Nowadays, the same word and definition still apply but those who are getting into detox programs are not what you can call drug junkies or substance abusers.  Just like you and me, depending on how health-conscious we are, we take in a certain amount of toxins into our body on a daily basis.  If left unchecked, the toxins pile up in our system then we get health issues that can range from a minor headache to more serious ones like hypertension or even cancer.

Testimonials and articles justifying the health benefits of going on a detox for 3-5 days abound on the internet.  There is also no shortage of recipes of healthy juices online.  The thing is, I have tried doing it on my own and I found the process to be such a hassle.  It's a good thing that I have discovered Detoxify Bar.

Detoxify Bar Locations

Detoxify Bar is currently present in 4 locations:  

  • Techo Plaza Two, Eastwood, Quezon City
  • Tuscany , McKinley Hill, Taguig City
  • Westgate, Alabang
  • 5th Level Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong

Detoxify Bar Product Offerings

  • Although Detoxify Bar is more known for its juices, other healthy fares like salads, soups, pasta, and sandwiches are available for dine-in or for take-out.  Their salmon and chicken dishes were what I have tried so far.  The salmon was buttery and had a natural sweetness to it.  The chicken was properly seasoned and moist.  Both dishes were absolutely delicious. A nice hot salad would be perfect for both. While there was so much more food for me to try, I made it a priority to try their detox program.

  • Detoxify Bar currently offers 4 Detoxify programs:  the Ultimate Cleanse, the Active Cleanse, the Party Goer Cleanse, and the Skin and Clarity cleanse.  Considering the amount of toxins that have accummulated in our bodies over the years, I suggest that you avail of the Ultimate Cleanse.  That is the same program both me and mom tried.  


Althought you can buy the juices per bottle and that a one-day detox program is also in the Detoxify Bar menu, I strongly suggest that you go for either the 3-day or the 5-day program so that you will reap the full benefits of the cleansing process.  For more info on the detox packages, click this:

Here are the reasons why I am recommending the Ultimate Cleanse to you:


3.  Freshness And Convenience 

  • The juices are only prepared once you have confirmed and have paid for your order.  No juices are prepared in advance.  No preservatives are used.  Plus, you can even watch them prepare your order.  I don't know what's going to be fresher  than that.
  • As for convenience, no other special procedure required for you to do before you can go on any of their detox programs. Everything will be prepared for you by the staff of Detoxify Bar.  You can either have the juices picked up at their stores or just like what I did, have them delivered right at your doorsteps.


2.  The Juices Are Delicious

I went on a detox program a few years ago.  Although the detox drink was potent, it wasn't something you look forward to drinking. The juices at Detoxify Bar however, tasted really fresh and  wonderfully delicious.  Taking aside the specific set of benefits each type of juice gives our body, I would have to say that the Green Vegan Detox and the Minty Berry Detox are my favorites.



1.  The Ultimate Cleanse Proved To Be Effective

As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.  I was just expecting to lose like 5 pounds after 3 days but I was totally surprised to have lost 10.  OMG!  I mean that's 10 biggies. And you know what's more amazing?  The headaches that I had been having before I did the detox went away.  Weight loss and disappearance of headaches equal to cleansed system. Bye bye toxins. Thanks to Detoxify Bar.

If you think that it's just one of those mambo jambo detox programs, well to me it isn't. I took the Detoxify Bar challenge.  I have felt and  I have seen the results. My body is now ready to take on a much healthier lifestyle.  You should try it too.




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