15 Waterfalls in the Visayas You Might've Never Heard Of Before


Belle Piccio | Dec 12, 2014

1) Bugtong Bato Falls (Tibiao, Antique)

For adventurers and nature lovers, get your hike's worth at the cascading Bugtong-bato Falls. It's a seven-tiered body of water located at Brgy. Tuno, Tibiao. From the jump-off point you still need to trek going to the falls. You can also get a local guide at Php100.

(photo by Tonzie Gay)

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2) Cambugahay Falls (Lazi, Siquijor)

(photo by Dustin Mijares)

The falls is one of the main attractions of Siquijor Island. It has a multi-tiered waterfalls which send clean fresh water flowing toward the lagoons.

Be careful when walking down and up the 135 steps since there are no guardrails. A parking fee of Php5-Php20 (depending on the vehicle type) is collected. The falls is open 24 hours a day.

(photo by Dustin Mijares)

TIP: If you want to have the falls all by yourself or your group, take a weekday trip.

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3) Can-umantad Falls (Cadpdapan, Candijay, Bohol)

(photo from Can-umantad Falls FB page)

The falls is 10 kilometers away from the main road. Candijay is 92.2 kilometers from Tagbilaran City. The word “can-umantad” is derived from the Visayan term “kan-oman” which means 60-feet.

(photo from Can-umantad Falls FB page)

4) Casaroro Falls (Valencia, Dumaguete City)

Casaroro Falls is considered as the most photographed waterfalls in Negros. It has an astounding height of 100 ft.

There’s an entrance of Php10 per head. From Valencia, you can ride a habal-habal going to the drop-off point of Casaroro Falls (15 minutes, about Php100 per head, one way).

(photo from

TIP: Bring water for hydration when going to the falls, the 300-350 steps are no joke; you must also wear the proper shoes. And, your habal-habal driver can serve as your guide, just give a little extra for your tip especially if it’s your first time to visit the majestic falls.

5) Dimiao Twin Falls (Dimiao, Bohol)

(photo from

14 kilometers away from the highway, the twin falls cascades over a cliff. The rugged pathway is a challenge among the trekkers going to the falls. You can have your picnics at the dry land near the foot of the falls, from where you can also enjoy a panoramic view.

6) Kawasan Falls (Badian, Moalboal, Cebu)

Experience the rushing ice cool water of Kawasan Falls. It’s a 3-hour bus ride from Cebu City, uand pon arriving at Brgy. Matutinao, Badian, you still have to walk for about 1.5 km uphill from the entrance to get to the first waterfall.

An entrance fee of Php10 per head is collected. There are cottages for rent for day tours as well as overnight stays. The price ranges from Php1,500-Php2,500 depending on the number of people.

You can rent tables and chairs, too. You can also ask a porter (ranges Php200-Php400) to carry your things while hiking up and down the trail.

(photo from Kawasan Falls FB page)

TIP: Bring your own food! The restaurant at the resort is quite expensive.

7) Lulugayan Falls (Calbiga, Western Samar)

(photo from Lulugayan Falls FB page)

Also known as Lulugyan Falls and Rapids, this one consists of hundreds of waterfalls with strong and thundering current cascading down the 14-kilometer rapids from Lake Kalidongan to Calbiga River.

The falls is approximately 50 meters wide and has been dubbed as a “Mini Niagara.” It's also perfect for white water rafting through the Calbiga River.

8) Mag-aso Falls (Kabankalan, Negros Occidental)

(photo by Dustin Mijares)

The Mag-aso Falls unleashes misty showers as the torrent plunges into a natural pool with turquoise-green waters. The 75-foot waterfall has remained pristine through the years.

The entrance fee is only Php25 per head. For overnight stays, 2 cottages are available for only Php1000 per cottage.

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9) Mantayupan Falls (Carcar-Barili, Barili, Cebu)

Barili is 2-2.5 hours away from Cebu City. From the Poblacion, it is a 4-km ride (about Php30 per head riding a habal-habal) going to the falls.

One of Barili's tourist attractions, the Mantayupan falls is composed of 2 levels. The first falls is 98 meters high, you can reach it by just about a 2-minute walk from the parking area. Going to the second, which is 14 meters high only, is just a about a 5-minute walk.

An entrance fee of Php20 per adult and Php10 per child is collected, there’s also a corkage fee of Php50 for food and drinks. 

(photo from

TIP: If you’re on your way to Kawasan Falls, you can stopover and check the Matayupan Falls. So you get to visit 2 different waterfalls in one trip.

10) Pulangbato Falls (Valencia, Negros Oriental)

The water of Pulangbato Falls appears red due to the reddish rocks along its banks. The water, of course, turns clear once taken out of the river.

Valencia is an hour away from Dumaguete City. But it is faster when you hire a van which can only take you 40 minutes plus a short hike. 

(photo from

11) Tinago Falls (Caibiran, Biliran)

Tinago Falls is just one of the waterfalls found in Biliran and is the most famous of all in the province.

The falls is accessible via a 30-minute habal-habal ride from Naval. An entrance fee of Php10 per head is collected at the viewing deck. Don’t forget to bring your own water and food.

(photo from

TIP: The fastest way to get to Biliran is to fly to Tacloban,Leyte. Take a van (Php150-Php190 per head, one way), the trip will just take about 2 hours.

12) Tumalog Falls (Oslob, Cebu)

Also called as “Toslob Falls” or “Mag-ambak Falls”, the Tumalog Falls is just about 30 minutes away from the famous whale-watching site of Oslob, Cebu.

Going to the falls is quite challenging because of its long steep trail. From the Cebu City Terminal going to Bato-Oslob will take you about 3-hours. Jump-off point is the signage of Tumalog Waterfalls.

From the crossing you can ride a habal-habal (about Php30 per person, one way or Php50 per person for round trip). There’s an entrance fee of Php20 per head, and there’s a closing time of 6:00pm.

(photo from

TIP: You can bring food and have a picnic near the falls but don’t leave your garbage behind.

13) Jawili Falls (Tangalan, Aklan)

Jawili Falls has seven basins descending like giant stairs. With seven natural pools, seven natural showers, and seven natural diving platforms to choose from, you shouldn’t worry about the crowd.

For added convenience, the public resort offers cottages for rent, as well as a resto-bar.

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14) Mambukal Mountain Resort (Murcia, Negros Occidental)

See the 7 falls of Mambukal. The 1st and 6th waterfalls can be reached at about 10-15 minute intervals while the 7th waterfall is about a 30-minute walk along rugged paths of land and river.

(photo by

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15) Hinulugan Falls (Pilar, Capiz)

The most beautiful waterfalls in Capiz is about a 30-minute ride from Lutod-lutod.

There’s a Php20 per head entrance fee when you reach the check point where you’ll log your name. You’ll be accompanied by a tour guide. Vehicles are off-limits about 100 meters away from the falls.

You’ll need to trek along the mountain’s slopes on a road made by the locals’ mighty hands. After your short trek, you’ll receive the reward for your efforts—a waterfall that’s 30-50 feet high.

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