Six Secluded Spots For Sexy Adventures In The Philippines


Choose Philippines | Feb 14, 2017

The are a lot of places in the Philippines that offer something off-the-grid, especially for intrepid lovers who are wanting to try "sexy adventures." For some, being sexy means challenging yourself to be bold, daring, and fearless, and it is through traveling that one gets to discover more about himself or herself.  

Disclaimer: The places in this list could well be very suited for a solo travel too.

Mt. Kalawitan 

Located in the town of Bontoc in Mountain Province is a swell of pine trees, mossy forests, and carabao fields - Mt. Kalawitan is all sorts of glorious and whimsical with its panorama of terraces and bountiful view deck at 2714 MASL. In the past, exploration to the crisp, cold mountain air of Mt. Kalawitan was hampered by existing hunter traps scattered around its trail to the summit. As of writing, hunters turned guides have led more people to experience the challenging-but-worth-it trip to its ridges.

How to get there:

  • Ride a bus from Manila to Baguio city
  • From there, take a trip to Sagada at Dangwa Station, get off at Panorama view point
  • Thereafter, arrange for a jeepney-ride going to Mt. Kalawitan jumpoff point
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Anima Sola Island 

Situated northern off-coast Burias Island is unlikely of all places to stay for jacuzzi. It’s a bit of a long-travel compared to your trusted spa places in the metro, but as soon as you step on to Anima Sola Island, you will fall head over heels with its clear turquoise waters and impeccable white-sand beach. With a bit of exploration around the island, there are natural pools framed by sedimentary rocks.

How to get there:

  • From Araneta Center Terminal ride a bus bound for Naga City
  • Get off at Pasacao port and hail a boat going to San Pascual Port
  • From there, rent a boat going to Anima Sola Island.

Palaui Island

North off-coast the town of Sta. Ana in the province of Cagayan is a beauty that fares well with the rest of the Philippines’ well-known islands. Although such majesty is never new in this tropical paradise such as the Philippines,  Palaui Island exudes a certain sophistication other islands do not, perhaps due to its otherworldliness and it being relatively off-beaten. 

How to go there:

  • Take a bus bound for Tuguegarao, from there go to the van terminal and take the ride going to Sta. Ana Cagayan
  • Thereafter, ride a tricycle going to Sta. Vicente port where boats going to Palaui Island could be hired.

Calayan Island 

Approximately 521km away from the concrete jungles of Manila, is an island that will be well-worth of an 18-20 hours of travel through land and the seas. Calayan Island is part of the Babuyan Group of Islands in the Cagayan Province. The adventure is for the keen travellers, those who are willing to take on challenging roads and sails just so they could witness sheer simplicity and splendour in its most unadulterated form. 

How to go there:

  • Hop on a 13-hour bus ride bound for the town of Claveria in Cagayan
  • Hail a tricycle to the port where boats to Calayan are docked

Jomalig Island

Characterized by alluring gold-sand beaches with agoho pine trees interspersed around it, is an island that no outdoor-lovers could say no to. Despite the daunting 5-6 hours of boat ride to Jomalig Island, people, both locals and foreigners, insists on spending a day or two in this unspoiled paradise

How to go there:

  • Ride a bus bound for Infanta Quezon and ask to be dropped-off at Real Port
  • Ride a passenger boat going to Jomalig Island


Alibijaban Island is one of Quezon Province’s well-beloved charm that holds its mystery in its rustic simplicity and quietness. The island houses a small fishing village with mangrove trees setting the tone for the off-the-grid kind of life, well-suited for the indomitable souls who’s goal is to see life in a different perspective.

How to go there: 

  • Ride a bus from Cubao bound for San Andres Quezon, it will take about 10-12 hours, so make sure you bring enough books or music albums on your phone with you
  • From San Andres, ride a boat going to Alibijaban Island

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