Top 5 Muslim Delicacies

Feast of Breaking the Fast

1.) Tiyula Itum – “Tiyula’ itum is the best among the Tausug viands. The origin of this food is not yet known even among the Tausug, but people believed the tiyula’ itum is really a Tausug cuisine because of the presence of the burned coconut. Source:

2.) Nasi Lemak Rice – rice dish cooked in coconut milk and “pandan” leaf commonly found in Malaysia, where it is considered the national dish. But in the Philippines, it is considered as one of the famous dish during Hariraya festivities.

3.) Lokot-lokot – according to, the Zambo Rolls is an indigenous delicacy found in Zamboanga and its neighboring cities. It is also locally called as “ja”, “lokot-lokot”, or “tagaktak”, depending on the specific locality where you find this delicacy.

4.) Baulo – is a baked rice delicacy serve during festive seasons like Hari Raya.

5.) Beef Kulma – according to, Kulma is one of those Filipino dishes that many Americans (and Filipinos themselves) aren’t familiar with. It comes from the island of Mindanao in the Southern Philippines, where the Tausug, Maranao, Yakan, and Maguindanao minorities successfully resisted European and North American colonization, preserving their way of life, the Islamic faith, and their unique culture. Kulma can be considered a dish that truly encompasses all the cultures in the Philippines, and it is enjoyed and prepared by Muslim and Christian alike on the island of Mindanao.