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Camarines Sur


Renzelle Ann Palma | Mar 06, 2014


Louise in her kitchen


Louise Mabulo cooked up a storm of delicious food when we came to visit her and her supportive mom, Michelle Mabulo, in their hometown of San Fernando, Camarines Sur.

Only 15 years old, Louise has already accomplished a lot in her young life. She was a finalist in ABS-CBN's Junior Master Chef cooking competition and reality TV show when she was 12. She's currently the youngest endorser of Breville and an active charity warrior. And, oh, did we mention that she's also into archery?


Louise and her mom, Michelle


Even with all these other accomplishments and diversions, her first love will always be cooking. She draws inspiration from her hometown in the middle of Bicol, which is known for creamy and the spiciest of dishes.

With fusion dishes such as Laing Cordon Bleu, a modern take on Kinalas (a soup-based dish famous in the region), Bicol Express Curry Ribs, and Mango Turon Cheesecake, Louise wants to introduce local culinary delights to the rest of the world -- an admirable patriotic trait for someone so young.


Louise's take on the classic Kinalas



Michelle Mabulo serving us this healthy and yummy malunggay-pineapple juice




Bicol Express Curry Ribs



The salt-crusted fish that came out perfectly


Her original dishes are getting recognition; in fact, her famous Laing Cordon Bleu and Pinangat Curry are now on the menu of Bigg’s Diner, a famous chain of restaurants in Bicol, for which she gets a 5% royalty from the sales.

Originally, Bigg’s offered Louise a 15% take on the royalty, but Louise felt that it was too much. She decided to just keep a mere 5% and channel the remaining 10% to her charity of choice.


Louise's famous Laing Cordon Bleu





This talented girl proves that even in such a young age, a person can accomplish their dreams. What else can the Choose Philippines team say, other than we're fans? Louise is the perfect role model for today's young Filipinos.


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