Filipina Invents Lamp for Poor Homes -- and It Runs on Salt & Water!


Choose Philippines | Dec 03, 2014

Filipina Invents Lamp for Poor Homes -- and It Runs on Salt & Water!

In the mountains of Kalinga, northern Philippines all activities stop as the sun sets. Locals need to be home before it totally gets dark. The reason: the lack of power sources to light up their buildings. This isn't a different situation for Pinoys living in rural poor areas all across the archipelago.

Here comes to the rescue a young Filipina by the name of Aisa Mijeno, an engineer and a social worker. She invented an alternative lighting system that doesn't require batteries or harmful subsitutes such as kerosine to function. It uses natural from salt and water.

Photo from SALt's FB Page

During an immersion, Aisa lived with one of the tribes in the highlands of Kalinga.The locals there still made fire the arduous way -- cutting wood, or enduring hours of long walk to buy fuel for their lamps. This first-hand experience inspired Aisa to create an eco-friendly lamp to help solve the country's power shortage.

Photo from SALt's FB Page

In an interview with Tech in Asia, she said that “people did not have access to electricity and had to walk 12 hours to reach Bontoc, a town about 50 kilometres away, to get kerosene for their fuel-based lamps." With two tablespoons of salt dissolved in a glass of water, SALt or Sustainable Alternative Lighting can light up for eight hours.If you're residing by the sea, imagine how much source of energy you have using SALt!

Photo from SALt's FB Page

Aside from lighting up, SALT can also be used to charge other devices, but it can't perform its dual function at the same time. This amazing project has been recognized internationally. The Philippines, thru Aisa's invention, won the People's Choice Award at Startup Nations Summit 2014 held in Seoul Korea. According to Aisa, her invention "was born out of compassion for the people I met during my travels.”


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