Filipina Teacher Writes Best-Selling Book in Germany


Choose Philippines | Dec 03, 2014

Filipina Teacher Writes Best-Selling Book in Germany

(Story from Ver Cuizon, ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau.) 

Shyreen Frances Mallanao said that her aunt, who was a teacher in the Philippines, inspired her to follow the same career path. She graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Teaching at the Univresity of Dortmund in Germany.

"We have a long history of teachers in our family and every time we went for a vacation to the Philippines, I went to my aunt's school where she was teaching just to watch her and then that motivated me to do it myself and to become a teacher once a grow up," said Mallanao.

The school supervisor of the school where Shyreen is teaching was the one who pushed her to write a math text book for grade 4 students. "He was asking me if I was interested in working in a book that trains or help kids to hone their mathematical skills," she said.

Her book, titled "Profi in Mathematik," was published by one of the biggest publishing house in Germany-- a very big break for teachers and writers. "I started working on this book 2011 and it was published in 2012 by one of the biggest German publishing house BrockHaus. I worked on this book with a coworker, she's a co-author right now," she added.

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