First 25 Hotels to Welcome You in Boracay This October

First 25 Hotels to Welcome You in Boracay This October

Belle Piccio | September 03, 2018

First 25 Hotels to Welcome You in Boracay This October

Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | September 03, 2018

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Boracay Island will reopen on October 26, 2018 after its 6-month closure that started on April 26.

This is to give way for the rehabilitation and redevelopment of the island that caused by violations of building and sewerage regulations by business establishments, deteriorating environmental conditions and many more.

Boracay island clean up of algal bloom during the first day of its closing period; image by Philippines News Agency

Clean up drives by the different sectors, whether private or government, in the island were made.

Volunteers, EMB personnel, helped clean up the beach front on April 26, 2018 during the closure of Boracay; image by Environmental Management Bureau of DENR Region 6

During the 6-month closure, there were also 8 Golden Rules that the government released for implement and regulation to ensure the cooperation and speedy rehabilitation of the island.

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after just 2 weeks of rehabilitation

Excited to visit and set foot at Boracay island on its first day?

With full compliance to Boracay permits, environmental laws and requirements of the Department of Tourism, here’s the list of the first 25 hotels that you can stay.

1. Luana Hotel/Hue Hotel

image by Hue Hotel

Situated at Station 2, Boracay, the Hue Hotels and Resorts Boracay offers hip and vibrant stays that bring color to leisure.

A perfect spot to chill out, this 126-room lifestyle property boasts of a unique architecture complemented by wide open spaces.

For reservations or inquiries, call (02) 896 9999.

2. Astoria Current

image by Astoria Current

Astoria Current is vibrant and hip - very much like its energetic and adrenaline-packed beachfront location at Boracay's Station 3. The 7000-square meter property houses 156 rooms fully equipped with key amenities so guests can experience Boracay's water sports and activities.

For reservations or inquiries, call +632 687-1111 loc. 8039

3. Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel

image by Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel

Set in the heart of Boracay Island’s famous White Beach, Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel boasts of 52 rooms and suites, offering a modern Filipino design that captivates the essence of luxurious living in a tropical island setting. Carefully crafted in-house dining experiences and relaxing spa treatments await to complete your island getaway.

For reservations or inquiries, contact +6325675672 / +6325671750

 4. Boracay Haven Resort

image by Boracay Haven Resort

Boracay Haven Resort is a modern 55 room hotel conveniently located in Boat Station 2 of the world Famous Boracay Island. Its is only a few minute walk from White Beach and the highway. With our very own beachfront lounge area, swimming pool, restaurant and bar, on site gym, full Wi-Fi coverage, and the service-mindedness of our staff.

For reservations or inquiries, call (02) 815 0849

5. Boracay Haven Suites

image by Boracay Haven Suites

Located in Boat Station 1, Boracay Haven Suites houses 82 well-appointed rooms featuring nature inspired, modern design.

For reservations or inquiries, call (036) 288 4493

6. Casa Pilar Beach Resort

image by Casa Pilar Beach Resort

Casa Pilar Beach Resort enjoys a quiet setting in a 15,000-sqm beachfront location along Station 3, just a few steps from the island’s famous white sand and clear waters. What started out as a small Boracay resort with only 6 cottages in 1986 now has over 80 cozy accommodations that are fitted with all the essential comforts one needs to have a fulfilling vacation.

For reservations or inquiries, call +63-36-2883202

7. Boracay Holidays Beach Resort

image by Boracay Holidays Beach Resort

Located at Tirol Road, Station 2, Boracay Holiday Resort offers minimalist designs carefully translated into its 68 air-conditioned rooms and suites, which include 22 Standard Rooms, 24 Deluxe Rooms, 9 Suites, 5 Bachelors Pads, and 8 Apartelle Rooms.

For reservations or inquiries, contact 0917 630 2521 or +63 36 288 4085 to 86.

8. El Centro Beach Resort

image by El Centro Beach Resort

El Centro Resort is found at the center of the 4-kilometer of  tropical beach beauty of Boracay.

For reservations or inquiries, contact 09267946566, 09392921839 or 09433509477.

9. De Paris Beach Resort

image by De Paris Beach Resort

Located in Station 2, De Paris Beach Resort has rooms, a restaurant and bar. Experience authentic, rustic island vibe in a beachfront property that's easily accessible to a variety of activities. Rooms are cozy and laid-back but with modern necessities such as A/C, hot and cold shower, fridge, safety deposit box and wifi.

For reservations or inquiries, contact (036) 288 3233, 09212516300 or 09277777046.

10. Best Western Boracay Tropics

image by Boracay Tropics

Situated in Boat Station 2, Bo. Manggayad, Boracay Tropics is meticulously designed that gives privacy when you need it, party energy at your fingertips. This is the right place for those who want to pleasure their selves and have a remarkable experience with real privacy and comfort. Hotel has total of (64) rooms namely: Superior, Deluxe, Family Room, Dorm, Junior Cabana and Premiere Suite.

For reservations or inquiries, contact (02) 887 0581.

11. Surfside Boracay Resorts & Spa

image by Surfside Boracay Resorts & Spa

Surfside Resort and Spa is a whole package resort wherein you can find accommodation, activities, relaxation & Dining in one place. With its fully furnished accommodation of 16 rooms, A Yasuragi Relaxation Spa for your tired and weary body, the island staff dive shop where you can discover the beauty underwater, and its very own Nagisa coffee Shop where the light sumptuous Japanese & Asian cuisine are served to fill up your appetite. So sit back and relax, let Surfside take you to a paradise where everything is within your reach

For reservations or inquiries, contact [email protected] or (036) 288 5049.

12. Fairways and Bluewater Beach Resort

image by Fairways and Bluewater Beach Resort

The resort prides itself with a long list of top-notch leisure facilities, thrilling activities, and practical services for a fun and relaxing holiday that guests have come to expect with every stay. The centerpiece of the resort is a world-class 18-hole championship golf course designed by Graham Marsh. It also have several swimming pools, a spa, gym, water sports facilities, tour options, and F&B outlets.

For reservations or inquiries, email [email protected] or contact +63 36 288 5587, +63 917 808 9645.

13. Discovery Shores

image by Discovery Shores

Perfectly positioned in Station 1 of White Beach, experience the powder-soft white sand, fiery sunsets and pulsating nightlife of the world-famous Boracay Island. A member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts vibrant Lifestyle Collection, the 88-room is consistently listed in Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Hotels and has been awarded as Best for Families (Asia) at the Condé Nast Johansens Awards for Excellence 2018.

For reservations or inquiries, email [email protected] or contact +63 2 720 8888, +63 36 288 4500, 0917 625 8507.

14. The Lazy Dog

image by The Lazy Dog

The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast is located at Bulabog Beach, Balabag, Boracay Island. Its only a short ten minute walk to Boracay's famous white beach via D'mall.

For reservations or inquiries, email [email protected], +63 920 945 4845, (036) 288 4128.

15. Red Coconut Beach Hotel

image by Red Coconut Beach Hotel

Located at Station 2, it is a beachfront hotel at the center of the main white beach shoreline.

For reservations or inquiries, email [email protected] or contact +63 2 852 7789, +63 36 288 3507.

16. Starfire Resort

image by Starfire Annex

Startfire Resort is one of the longest established family-run resorts in Boracay Island. Designed for both business and leisure travel, Starfire Resort is centrally located in Station 3 where you can unwind and enjoy leisure activities. This is a budget friendly, simple and a clean resort ideal for the budget conscious vacationers yet strategically located to give guests an enjoyable and affordable Boracay Island experience.

For reservations or inquiries, email [email protected] or +63 36 288 3030.

17. Canyon de Boracay

image by Canyon De Boracay - official site

Canyon de Boracay is located in the prime spot of the island in Station 2, the busiest and most crowded station in Boracay. In spite of the pleasure-seeking vibe of Station 2, Canyon de Boracay thrives as the hidden gem of the island because of its serene and peaceful habitation where travelers can unwind and enjoy the beautiful white sand beach.

For reservations or inquiries, email [email protected] or contact (+6336)288 5875 or 881 8433.

18. AV Seven Resort

image by AV Seven Resort

For reservations or inquiries, email [email protected] or call (+6336)288 9213.

19. Azalea Apartment Hotel

image by Azalea Hotels & Residences Boracay

Located at Station 2 Sitio Manggayad, Brgy. Balabag, Azalea is Boracay's first 4-star quality serviced apartment hotel brings every family fun, group getaway or romantic retreat to a different experience where staying indoors is as much fun as the outdoors.

For reservations or inquiries, email [email protected] or contact (02) 484 0080, (02) 484 0081, (02) 484 3061, (02) 484 4930, (02) 484 4931, 0917 8611641 & 0919 9944140.

20. Reef Retreat Resort

image by Reef Retreat Resort

Reef Retreat is built to incorporate luxury with a native edge. Run by a British windsurfer and his wife, they have managed to combine accessibility to the beach without compromising comfort.

For reservations or inquiries, email [email protected] or call +63 921 4615 757, +63 998 183 5509.

21. Nigi-nigi Nu Noos ‘E ‘Nu Nu Noos Beach

image by Nigi-nigi Nu Noos ‘E ‘Nu Nu Noos Beach Resort

Nigi Nigi Nu Noos 'e' Nu Nu Noos has three room types: Standard, Deluxe and Apartment. Nigi Nigi rooms are built in native traditions with Polynesian styled architecture set around a lush tropical garden especially designed for tranquillity and security. All rooms have a patio overlooking the garden, ensuite toilet with hot and cold shower, cable TV, mini-fridge and free Wi-Fi connection.

For reservations or inquiries, email [email protected] or call +63-36-288-3101.

22. The Club Ten Beach Resort Boracay

image by The Club Ten Beach Resort Boracay

The Club Ten Beach Resort is a very unique and different with its  architecture design, whose concept were derived from Filipino and Latin American. It's started on October 10, 1997 and has proven its potential as a distinguished resort from then on. It has 20-unit condotel-type of contemporary architecture with impressive native interior design in it's well-appointed rooms for he comfort and convenience of guests.

For reservations or inquiries, email [email protected] or contact +63 917 900 0910, +63 939 210 1010, (036) 288-6024.

23. Ferra Hotel

image by Ferra Hotel

Ferra Hotel is a boutique hotel located in Sitio Bulabog, Boracay. The hotel has 37 rooms, a restaurant, roof deck bar, and a swimming pool.

For reservations or inquiries, email [email protected] or contact (036) 288 1177 to 79, +639176809137, 0925 579 3323.

24. Den Pasar Beach Resort

image by Den Pasar Beach Resort

Den Pasar is a touch of elegance and perfection. This house promises its inhabitants contentment, union with nature, comfort and access to the outside world. The Villa is away from the crowded and noisy area of Boracay. It is constructed with 3 buildings in Balinese style built on 1700 sqm surface, connected with each other by nice flowered terraces and decorated hallways.

For reservations or inquiries, email [email protected] or call +632 807 7854, +632 809 2435, +63 917 819 7737, +63 917 526 8165, +63 917 631 6142.

25. Blue Coral Beach Resort

image by Blue Coral Beach Resort

Blue Coral Resort is located at Angol, Boracay Island.

For reservations or inquiries, contact (036) 288 5220, 09174450315, 09174501818, 09273674507.

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Have you now decided which resort will you book for your first stay on the reopening of Boracay? Let us know what you think of island!

How to Get There

From Manila, you can fly to Caticlan Airport (estimated cost of PhP9,200++, round trip, 45-50 minutes).

From the Caticlan Airport, a van ride will only take you 5 minutes going to the Caticlan Jetty Port. A pumpboat ride from the Caticlan port to Boracay port will take at about 15 minutes.

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