Enjoy a Cup of Coffee in an Art Gallery

Enjoy a Cup of Coffee in an Art Gallery

Belle Piccio | July 24, 2018

Enjoy a Cup of Coffee in an Art Gallery

Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | July 24, 2018

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If you’re a coffee drinker with passion for the arts, this coffee shop is a must-visit place for you!

Owned by one of the internationally renowned Philippine artists, Sagay native Nunelucio Alavarado, the coffee shop is open daily between 6:00am to 6:00pm and is located at Margaha Beach Resort, Brgy. Old Sagay, Sagay City, Negros Occidental.

kape albarako
Nunelucio Alvarado during the Concert for the Environment event of Sagay

Born in May 5, 1950 in Barangay Fabrica, Sagay, Negros Occidental, Nunelucio Alavardo, is recognized for his contemporary arts since the 1970’s. He is well-known for his progressive artworks that depict the faces, difficulties and struggles of sakadas or Negros-based laborers and other marginalized populations.

kape albarako
Nunelucio Alvarado

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Kape Albarako is a coffee shop and an art gallery which showcased the artworks of the local Negrense artist.

kape albarako
Kape Albarako

The 45 square-meter beach front property started as a resort but as an artist needing a space for his masterpieces and visitors coming for an early morning chat and coffee, he turned it into a gallery-coffee shop.

kape albarako

Kape Albarako is an artwork itself and is home to more than a hundred paintings. Built with bamboo, it was by painted personally by Alvarado and his children with the colors, red, blue, yellow and white.

kape albarako
a group photo of participants in front of Kape Albarako during the Pinta Balay project of Sagay City

It offers a scenic view as the coffee shop directly faces the sea.

kape albarako

Everyone from all walks-of-life is welcome in Kape Albarako. Aside from coffee, it also offers Negrense’s delicacies that is best paired with it.

kape albarakokape albarako

It’s a place to drink coffee, paint and talk about anything.

kape albarako


Images by I Love Sagay / Sagay City Tourism Office unless otherwise stated

Cover Image by: Roice Bertier Racho Son IG @_roice.bertier21_



How to Get There

Sagay is at the northernmost tip of Negros Island. It's approximately 82 kilometers northeast of Bacolod City, the provincial capital of the province.


From Manila, you can fly to Bacolod (Php3500++, round trip, 45 minutes). From Bacolod-Silay Airport, you can take a shuttle (Php75-100 per head), or a cab and ask to be dropped off at the nearest bus station for Bacolod-Sagay.

Or you can also go to Bacolod via ferry (estimated cost of Php2700++ with meal, round trip, 20-22 hours) from Manila. From the port you can hail a cab and ask to be dropped off at the north terminal bus station for Bacolod-Sagay. Going to Sagay City, buses and vans for hire regularly ply the northbound route of the Negros highway. Sagay is approximately a two-hour drive by private car from Bacolod city.

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