10 Amazing Discoveries at Gigantes Island

By: Travel Insider Elaine Santos 1. See the mysterious Tangke Island’s leaves that never fall to the ground! 2. Have a drink at Bantigue Sand Bar (bring your own beer!) 3. For someone who doesn’t like hard core trekking, you will find the short treks for Island hopping very awesome! 4. […]

ANARAAR: Roaring Through Ilocos Norte’s New Tour

Travel back in time and discover the beauty of Ilocos Norte that’s more than its usual image through the new tour dubbed as “ANARAAR.” The new itinerary traverses the province’s eastern trail and features Ilocos Norte’s rich heritage and splendid architecture. “Anaraar” is an Ilocano word for the first glow […]

Lechon Cebu: A Star to Every Filipino Feast

In every grand occasion, lechon is always present on the buffet table of Filipinos. The word “lechon” came from the Spanish term that refers to a roasted suckling pig. The province of Cebu is known for its best tasting lechon although some provoinces in the counrty have come up with their own […]

Miss International: Queens for World Peace

One of the four major beauty pageants is Miss International. Just like Miss Earth, Miss Universe and Miss World, it is participated by different aspiring countries from all over the world. If you have read our first list about Miss Earth, our Part #2 list contains our Miss International beauty […]

Minalungao National Park

There’s more to Nueva Ecija than ricefields What’s there to see in Nueva Ecija? When one is faced with this question, the first thing that would instantly come into our minds would be ricefields, vast ricefields. The provice is is know as the Ricebowl of the Philippines since it is the biggest […]

Philippine Bamboo Bridge is One of the World’s Best

This breathtaking bridge in Tigbao, Bohol was listed among the world’s “most spectacular” footbridges by CNN Style. Photo from Boholblog.myboholguide.comThe Tigbao Hanging Bridge, which is suspended 82 feet above the river, was distinguished for its authentic look. The bridge made of metal has bamboo floorings, which adds to the aesthetic […]

2016 Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival: 10 Groups in Showdown

Sanggutan Festival Celebrate with the people of Tacloban and Leyte through their month-long festivity of two merged fiestas of Tacloban City’s Pintados Festival and Leyte Province’s Kasadyaan Festival. SCHEDULE 2016: Pintados-Kasadyaan: A Festival that Unites the People of Leyte In remembrance of the first inhabitants of Visayas called “pintados,” the first Pintados Festival was held on […]