Mapiya i nanam! Masarap! This curious looking delicacy from Maguindanao is really delicious! Kumukunsi is a Maguindanaoan delicacy made with rice flour, sugar and duck eggs, which are then deep fried in spiral shapes until golden brown. They taste like pancakes but much creamier and more flavorful. They sell for P5.00 […]

Pride March 2015: Filipino LGBTQs Make History in Luneta

The fight for love, equality, and freedom continues in the historical urban park in the Philippines. Situated by the Manila Bay and adjacent to the walled city of Intramuros, the Luneta National Park is an important site in Philippine history. It was where Jose Rizal, one of the nation’s greatest heroes, was executed on December 30, […]

The Rainbow Tree of Bago City

Painted by nature as the tree grows in time, the Eucalyptus deglupta is commonly known as rainbow eucalyptus, rainbow gum, or Mindanao gum, and to some, simply the “rainbow tree.” The tree is the only Eucalyptus species found naturally in the northern hemisphere. And yes, it’s also native in the Philippines, thus […]

The Millennium Tree of Aurora: Majestic & Mystical

The moment you see her, Aurora’s 600-year-old balete tree commands attention and fascination. A balete tree is usually synonymous with superstitions and horror stories in Filipino folklore. The Millennium Tree at Maria Aurora town in the province of Aurora, however, is a source of pride to the locals. It’s one […]

Siquijor’s Mysterious Balete Tree

In the Philippines, some people believe that balete trees are homes of mystical beings such as the bearded smoking “kapre” and the demon horse “tikbalang.” These trees are also where sorcery rituals are being performed. In Siquijor, we found a 400-plus year-old balete tree which is believed by the locals […]

Time and trace Philippine history: Fort Santiago

Travel back in time and trace Philippine history at Fort Santiago in Intramuros, the famed “Walled City,” where the historic fortress at the mouth of the Pasig River served as the Spanish military headquarters during the country’s turbulent Colonial Era. Today it stands as a Shrine of Freedom, a memorial […]

Fly to Laoag: 10 Must do’s in Ilocos Norte

Choose Philippines collaborates with Philippine Airlines for a fun guide for your Ilocos Norte trip! • 20 wind turbines arranged on a single row along Bangui Bay is truly a sight to behold. At first glance, the Bangui Windmills may transport you to a far off European country but you’ll […]