Lanzones, Fruit for the Gods

Lanzones is an edible fruit that is well loved in our country. This fruit, when completely ripe, has that sweet with a hint of sourness taste that Filipinos love. Laguna, Northern Mindanao, Butuan and Cagayan De Oro are the most known producers of lanzones in the country. But the best […]

Pineapple– The Tropical Fruit

There are a lot of pineapple plantations in the country. Some of the world’s biggest pineapple plantation (Del Monte and Dole) are found here. The Philippines is the second largest producer of pineapples in the world after Thailand. Pineapple is also called “pinya” or “piña” in the Philippines. The fruit […]

Arayat’s Pride: Kabigting’s

Kabigting’s started in 1974 as a small carinderia at the house of Boy Kabigting in Arayat, Pampanga. This small family business became popular for its yummy and delightful halo halo that it became known for. Soon, people from far away places started looking for this hidden wonder and thus the […]

The Mango Festival of Zambales

In addition, in 2013, the Department of Agriculture said that Zambales mangoes remain to be the sweetest in the country. As a way of promoting and giving thanks for a good harvest, the people of Zambales annually celebrate the Mango Festival. The event, which takes place every April, hopes to […]