Paella, Pinoy Style!

After centuries of Spanish colonial rule and decades of Pinoy creativity, paella has become Filipinized. Be it seafood, Valencia, negra or mixed, paella and all its variants have been important parts of Filipino cuisine. Originating from Valencia in Spain, paella is a Catalan word derived from the old French word paelle, […]

Top 5 Muslim Delicacies

Feast of Breaking the Fast 1.) Tiyula Itum – “Tiyula’ itum is the best among the Tausug viands. The origin of this food is not yet known even among the Tausug, but people believed the tiyula’ itum is really a Tausug cuisine because of the presence of the burned coconut. […]

A Slice of Canada in Metro Manila

The Land of Maples has fascinated the Filipinos with Hollywood stars and singing sensations–Anne Murray, Paul Anka, Dan Aykroyd, Bryan Adams, and more recently Celine Dion and Justin Bieber. These Canadian thespic and musical talents has spilled over, too, in a realm which is traditionally the bulwark of Italian culinary […]

The Story of Reo Brothers Band

By Tom Banguis, Jr The title of this email just about summarizes the past week’s journey for a band of 4 very young brothers, rendered homeless and penniless by the storm surge in Tacloban, to the adoring response of an admiring, appreciative audience who were witness to their very first […]

A Papal Tower in the Philippines?

The seven-story edifice commemorates the late Pope John Paul II’s pastoral visit to Bacolod last February 20, 1981. The tower was built in the area where he delivered one of his most powerful messages on behalf of the poor.   The Pope Tower at night during New Year’s Eve; photo […]

Binangkal: A Cebuano Native Delicacy

Binangkal is a sesame-covered baking powder doughnut that is shaped and as small as a ping-pong ball. It is deep fried until crisp and brown on the outside. It looks like a dim sum which gives us a hint of Chinese influence. The basic or main ingredients are eggs, oil, […]