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Proudly Filipino: Oliver Tolentino

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Renzelle Ann Palma
Renzelle Ann Palma | May 03, 2013
Proudly Filipino: Oliver Tolentino

“I want the world to know that we, Filipinos, can make beautiful clothes using the local fabric pina”, Oliver said in an interview.

From humble beginnings in his homeland, Oliver Tolentino set up his first international fashion house in Los Angeles, California three years ago. He immediately was noticed by fashion experts and celebrities for his unique fabrics and elegant designs. Soon after, his gowns were featured in tope magazines and events all over the world.

Tolentino’s claim to fame is his Pina gowns that silhouettes perfectly on female clienteles. This is the first time for the fashion industry to take full notice of the native Filipino fabric. Hollywood celebrites such as Emmy Rossum, Anna Paquin and Maria Menuonos rave about Oliver’s designs and wear them proudly on red carpet events. Most recently, Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas celebrated the New Year donning an original Tolentino creation.

Oliver Tolentino is a proud Filipino, prevalent on his design philosophy. With his use of native fabrics, he is an ambassador to his country’s talented weavers and embroiderers. Mabuhay ka Oliver! We are proud of you!

Oliver Tolentino currently has fashion houses in Makati, Philippines and Los Angeles, California.

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