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The Grimm's Who? Wu?

Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | Jun 04, 2013
The Grimm's Who? Wu?

Reggie Valdez known as 'Reggie Lee' was born in Quezon City, Philippines and still speaks Tagalog. He is a quarter Chinese and three-quarter Filipino. He is one of the successful Filipinos in American TV.

He moved from the Philippines with his family when he was only 5 years old and grew up in Ohio. His father is an OB-GYN and wanted to come to the states to make a better life and have opportunities.

He was accepted as a student in Harvard but he went to LA to pursue acting. He has appeared in various movies such as 'The Fast and the Furious' in 2001 and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End’ in 2007. He currently stars as the smart comic relief, Sgt. Wu, which helps Det. Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin solve supernatural crimes in the television show 'Grimm'.


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