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INSPIRING PINOY: Negrense Turns Hobby into Successful Woodcrafts Business

Negros Occidental

Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | Sep 22, 2015

Rogelio Vasquez Sr., a toy and woodcraft maker, had a very humble beginning before becoming a known producer of wooden products that are of high quality in Negros Occidental. He started making bamboo furniture in 2007 and and also dabbled into woodcarving in 2008. He tried making some products out of hardwood and made profit from it which he used as a capital to start his own business. 

Rogelio Vasquez Sr. with his wooden toys during an exhibit in a mall via FB

With his incomparable talent in woodcarving, his works caught the attention of the people in Talisay City, Negros Occidental. What is even better is he’s earning while doing used to be just a hobby for him. 

First train of Rogelio made out of illustration board

During his past time, Rogelio started making his first train using an illustration board. Upon finishing it, he was challenged by his son-in-law to carve the same train figure from wood.

wooden jeepney

Rogelio uses bamboo and molave wood in making his large toy trains. A set of train would take at least 1 month to finish, but the laborious work it requires doesn't matter for him as long as he enjoys doing it. At present, he has already sold about 40 train sets and some of these were sent to the U.S.

wooden train

A set of train costs him about Php 6,000 to Php 7,000 to make and sells it from as low as Php 25,000 and as much as Php 50,000. He also made use of the small pieces of wood by turning it into a keychain.

Amigo Kurt tries how to make a wooden keychain with the help of Amigo Rogelio

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