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91-year Old Lang Dulay: The Legacy of the Oldest Dreamweaver Continues

South Cotabato

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Sep 21, 2016
91-year Old Lang Dulay: The Legacy of the Oldest Dreamweaver Continues

The women of the T'Boli tribe may have the major role in the production of the T'Nalak but its people’s art, traditions and culture are woven in every strand of the cloth.

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The tapestry’s patterns that are created come from the T’Boli Gods and ancestors that manifests in their dreams.  This is why South Cotabato from which the T’Bolis dwell is now dubbed as the land of the dreamweavers.

The Gawad Manlilikha ng Bayan (GaMaBa) was conferred to Lang Dulay of the Tboli tribe of Lake Sebu in 1998 for continuing the TBoli tradition and preserving their culture through her weaving and by teaching the process to her people.  She died in 2015 but her legacy remains. 

During the T’Nalak Festival in July of every year, the T’Nalak is celebrated and given importance.


Visitors would be treated to an actual weaving of the cloth and see it in the costumes of the street dancers representing the indigenous people of the province.

When you get to be in South Cotabato, immerse yourself in the culture of the T’Boli. 

How to Get There:

Major airlines fly daily to General Santos City from Manila. Koronadal is an hour away by land from General Santos City.

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