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Couple Fulfills Dream of Traveling Around Philippines at 60


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Choose Philippines | Aug 11, 2016

What started out as a simple request to “ipasyal mo ako,” quickly escalated into one of the most adorable and heartwarming displays of love, faithfulness to each other, and of course, wanderlust.

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For some time now, Jay and Jo Directo have been traveling around the Philippines on their scooter, seeing what it has to offer, and interacting with all of its beautifully hospitable people. However, what sets them apart from regular travelers and Filipino backpackers is precisely what makes their adventures more special: the married couple are well over 60, and compared to others who would choose to retire comfortably at home, enjoying spending days doing nothing, the pair had decided to take this newfound freedom and enjoy it. 

Jay, who has been working his entire life with many roles, including construction worker, photographer for the prestigious Agence France-Presse, and of course, doting and loving husband to wife Jo, to whom he has been happily married to for 35 years. In their household, Jay was the one who provided for the family, and Jo was the one who took care of the affairs at home, and Jay, should he ever fall ill. After so many faithful years of service to her husband, Jo finally saw an opportunity to ask for a reward for all her effort once Jay retired from his photography work.

Upon Jay’s retirement, Jo approached him and asked, “Pa, pasyal mo [naman] ako,” to which Jay gladly agreed. The couple then got on their scooter and drove off, kickstarting the adventure that would span all three islands of the Philippines, going through all regions in the country, with the exception of Batanes.

The couple first started their grand adventure of a lifetime from their home in Project 4, Quezon City, and drove for 8 hours to Infanta, Quezon, deciding that the cheapest way to travel was via their scooter. Upon coming back to their home after a few days of traveling, the couple again decided to hit the road, this time going to their aunt’s vacant beach house in Catanauan, Quezon. One destination led to another, and soon enough, they found themselves riding ferries with their bike, and riding all the way to Albay, Carmel, and Butuan.

And though they traveled the Philippines both near and far, two destinations have embedded themselves in their minds, namely: the beauty of Mayon Volcano, where they camped out in of the settlements near the summit, braving the cold evening, with nothing but blankets, thick jackets, and love to keep them warm, 

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and the cleanliness and orderliness of Butuan Highway, showcasing the strong discipline many Davaoeños possess.

As a final tip to any and all travelers who want to explore the beautiful Philippines, Jay Directo say, “Most Filipinos know Cebuano. If you travel and know Cebuano, panalo ka na.”

Jo Directo, when asked why the Philippines was definitely worth seeing and enjoying, said it best: “Kahit saan ka pumunta [sa Pilipinas], maganda talaga.”

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