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Couple's Love for the Ocean Binds a Community in La Union

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Choose Philippines | Aug 09, 2016

The impact of humankind on the environment, especially in recent centuries, is impossible to ignore now more than ever. Global warming, threats of deforestation, and trash in our water sources have forced many to take action to combat this plague of apathy and indifference towards our world. Thankfully, for Mandy and Miku, they’re making excellent progress.

Mandy and Miku, proprietors of Tali Ti Amianan (an Ilocano phrase for "Rope of the North”), started their advocacy two years ago, when Miku was unable to sleep. She woke up Mandy at the ungodly hour of 3 am, asking him if he knew how to braid, and began making bracelets out of her old shirt. They then posted their work on Facebook and after positive feedback from friends, slowly but surely, it paved the way for Tali.

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After closing many successful deals with several people, the dynamic duo decided to include more people into their fold, believing that giving the underemployed of San Juan proper livable wages was an advocacy worth their time. And so they did, eventually gathering 10 locals—surfers, elders, women—to help in production of their famous Tali. Miku explained that for the majority of the time their business has been in existence, only one ethic guided them: "It's a give and take thing."

Miku described how being married to a surfer is like being married to the sea: surf and everything about it is what keeps her and Mandy going. After battling with the depressing thought of being unable to perform her life-saving tasks of being a nurse, she made a conscious choice to channel that life-giving energy to save the seas instead: she married both of her admirable traits and created a business that was not only profitable, it was beneficial for both her immediate community, and the environment which they’ve grown to love.

Mandy and Miku proved that love can change the world, but sometimes love in itself is not enough. However, what can indeed change the world is channeling that love into creating something positive and beneficial, something larger than a man and woman, and more importantly, something larger than one's self. Once you’ve poured your heart and soul into an advocacy worth pursuing, you’ve already changed the world for a lot of people.

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