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Why Do Some City Dwellers Want to Live By the Sea? The Locals of La Union Will Tell You

La Union

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Choose Philippines | Sep 23, 2016

There are many reasons why we take pride in our hometown— the destinations, dishes, and the people. In the province of La Union, the locals are brought together by swell of the sea and their passion for surfing. Here

Joy, once was a city street dweller, chooses La Union because she is able to surf its waters anytime she wants to.

She joyfully adds, “Mababait ang mga tao, parang pamilya ko na sila.”

The authenticity of the people lulled her to pack her bags and make it (La Union) her new home with her new-found family.

For surfer Robin, who once lived in the historical streets of Vigan, La Union is home because in it he found ‘happiness’.

“Para sa’kin, pinili ko yung La Union kasi maganda yung alon tapos masaya dito.”

More than the sea and its waves, in here he gets to smile more, thus live life more.

Lastly, Daniel Marley says..

“Pinipili ko ‘tong lugar na ‘to kasi maganda yung lugar, nakakapag-surf ako dito. Nakakakilala ng mga bagong tao’t kaibigan.”

He chose La Union because it’s where he gets his daily living but more than that, he said, it’s in the fact that more people gets to be part of his life by being friends with them.

So how about you? Why do you choose La Union?

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