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How a 68-year-old Quiapo Fortune Teller Divines the Future of Believers

Metro Manila

Yua Dominguez
Yua Dominguez | Sep 29, 2016

Decades have passed and still Filipinos are into mysticism and superstitious beliefs. Thus the undying popularity of Plaza Miranda's fortune tellers are still quite prominent. 

As I was browsing thru the crowded stalls of Plaza Miranda, an old lady smilingly waved at me. She cheerfully gave her warmest smile showing off her crooked teeth. The simple gesture encouraged me to start a conversation. The 68-year-old fortune, who has has been doing her craft for almost 50 years, wanted to read my future. 

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This old lady was originally from Visayas but eventually relocated to Las Pinas. She cheerfully allowed me a glimpse into her life. Her priceless gift of reading people's future has been her expertise for almost 5 decades. For the old woman, this is her legacy. This extraordinary gift was handed down to her by her family. Moving to Manila and traveling to and from Quiapo was never a problem. No doubt, her dedication to her gift is the reason why she has a long list of clients who keep on coming back to have their future foretold, and she made a living out of her gift.  

Despite her enthusiasm, I was uncertain about having my fortune read. But since all my friends declined, I became the guinea pig. I do not really believe in all this mambo jumbo. Just the same, the thought of someone peering into my future gave me goosebumps.

As this old woman started to read my future, she asked: 

"Gusto mo ba paalagaan yung kinabukasan mo sakin. O may ex ka ba? Gusto mo ba siya pabalikin?"

The idea and the possibility of assuring me with conviction that she can definitely control my future is her sales pitch. It left me curious and fascinated. Amazing how the old lady uses a mixture of psychology and your belief to lure you in. But if you keep an open mind and know that it is just for fun you will get to enjoy it.

The Filipino culture is a curious mix of belief in superstition even the occult vis a vis Catholicism and this is graphically illustrated in Plaza Miranda where the imposing facade of centuries old Quiapo church co exist with stalls selling novena prayer books, rosary and candles side by side with vendors plying anting-anting or amulets, potions for lovesick swains, herbal medicines for those seeking abortion or relief from pain or illness and fortune tellers.

That is why Filipinos will continue to troop to Quiapo and because of this the old lady will have few more years of a thriving business and time to pass it on to the next generation.

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