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Best Pinoy Advocate: 5 Men And Women That Make You Proud To Be Filipino!

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Choose Philippines | Oct 19, 2016

Choose Philippines shines the spotlight on individuals or groups of Filipinos who brought honor to the country. Their achievements, passion for their work, and love for country make us even prouder of the Philippines. Vote now at Choose Philippines Awards: Best Pinoy Advocate!

Aisa Mijeno: Lighting the Way for the Mountain People in Kalinga

“The SALt (Sustainable Alternative Lighting) Lamp was born out of compassion for the people I met during my travels,” said Aisa Mijeno.

A sustainable alternative light source, the SALt lamps are “made of tediously experimented and improved chemical compounds, catalysts, and metal alloys that when submerged in electrolytes will generate electricity,” Aisa reiterated in an interview with ABS-CBN News. 

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Miku Ebueza: Binding La Union’s Community for a Greater Purpose

Recognizing the growing environmental ocean problems, Miku and Mandy Ebueza set up a social enterprise which they called Rope of the North or Tali Ti Amianan in Ilocano. 

The surfer-run enterprise aims to provide livelihood to the locals in San Juan by doing a profitable leisure activity that will benefit them and the environment. 

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Michael Blanco: The Painter of Philippine History
As a way of giving back to the hometown that shaped him into a successful artist he is now, the Blanco family instituted an arts school within the museum to nurture young talents. 

Michael Blanco received recognitions such as “The Outstanding Thomasian Alumni Awards”—an accolade given to graduates of the University of Sto. Tomas that excelled in their chosen fields. 

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Renato “Bicolano Man” Jao: A Proud Magayon Ambassador

Renato “Bicolano Man” Jao willingly gave tours around the province and has gone to represent the region in numerous trade events, bringing pride to his hometown. It’s been said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and true enough, Bicol dishes and delicacies have been gaining traction through Renato’s beautifully shot photographs.

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Zosima “Maming” Acuram: The Passionate Banduria Teacher

Zosima “Maming” Acuram explained as how, only the privileged were chosen for the music programs in school, that’s when she resolved to be a music teacher in the future and that she would offer her lessons for free.

“Natuto na ako. Gustung-gusto ko talaga matuto. Nang lumaki ako, determinasyon ko na sana paglaki ko, ‘pag guro na ako, magturo ako sa mga bata ng libre,” she added.

Today, equipped with her music education from Philippine Women’s University in Manila, Maming, as what her students call her, teaches children how to play banduria in the province of Dimlao, Bohol. 

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