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Miss World Philippines Gives You Endless Reasons to Choose Our Country!

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Choose Philippines | Nov 06, 2016

What’s the best part of the Philippines?

Could it be the food, or the people, or the destinations? Perhaps it’s any one of them, but for many people, both locals and visitors, it’s the entire mix of all of these aspects that make traveling and experiencing the Philippines truly special. This beauty is what makes current Miss World Philippines Catriona Gray fall in love and choose the Philippines every single day.

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In a video published by the Miss World Organization and The Queens Of The Philippines, Catriona Gray, the current Miss World Philippines showcases her charm as well as that of the Philippines. She says that she feels truly alive when she’s surrounded by nature, and that desire is easily answered by the places she featured in the video: from the beautiful and masterful work behind the Payao of Banaue, to the underground rivers of Palawan, the beautiful Mayon Volcano, to the Philippines’ numerous pristine and crystal-clear beaches.

However, Catriona isn’t all about the best things about the Philippines: in fact, she puts more attention to the things about the country that are often ignored and swept aside, namely the millions of Filipinos stuck in poverty. Catriona feels that the beauty of the Philippines is meant to be enjoyed by everyone, and not just the wealthy, and this is precisely why she advocates for the eradication—or at least, alleviation—of poverty in the most impoverished places in the country.

But it isn’t just the video quality that’s astounding: the music they used for the video to showcase the Philippines is none other than our own “Piliin Mo Ang Pilipinas,” sung by Angeline Quinto herself! It truly drives the point of the  You can watch the full video of Miss World Philippines Catriona Gray here:

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