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5 Filipina Surfers You Should Follow on Instagram

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Choose Philippines | Nov 11, 2016
Strong and brave women are very admirable. They pulverize the stereotype notion that certain sports are only for men. More than the idea of physical strength and agility though, these free-spirited women should be our icon because they are living the life they want and pursuing their passion - surfing. Thanks to their Instagram feed which just makes you want to double tap, these ladies inspire.
Ikit Agudo (@ikit_agudo)
This little wahine from Siargao is born to ride glorious waves all her life. From baby waves, massive waves or just simply chilling at the serene beaches of this tiny island, Ikit Agudo's photos screams so much good vibes filled with sun, surf, and sea. 
Photo from Bren Fuentes (

Ikit makes it seemed effortless to ride waves.

Photo from Ikit Agudo (

Another surf sesh before ending the day. 

Photo from Ikit Agudo (

Matching one-piece suits with your sister? Adorable!

Camille Pilar (@camillepilar)

Camille Pilar's writing is so true and so pure, it transports you to her world. She left her old life in the city to focus on her love for surfing in La Union while manning El Union Cafe and honing her writing skills. 
What to Eat: A Taste of La Union 
Photo from Camille Pilar (

Better read her caption on this photo, very inspiring! 

Photo from Camille Pilar (

If you can't find Camille serving coffee at El Union Cafe.. 

Photo from Camille Pilar (

She's definitely chasing waves.

Elaine Abonal (@elaineabonal)

The founder of Surfista Travels, Elaine Abonal, sure knows how to turn her passion into a profession that would encourage both filipino and foreign individuals to get into surfing while promoting surf spots around the Philippines. Way to go, Elaine!
Photo from Elaine Abonal (

Check out her bikinis! 

Photo from Elaine Abonal (

And join Surfista Travels 

Photo from Elaine Abonal (

Check her photos with inspiring quotes and friendly advices that would make you send some love.

Aping Agudo (apingagudo)
It's in the genes. Aping Agudo's grace while surfing is remarkable too just like her younger sister. Whether in a bikini or one piece suit, she makes gliding on water a breeze.  
Photo from Aping Agudo (

That sunset surf sesh looks divine. 

Photo from Aping Agudo (

Sharing waves with your sister 

Photo from Aping Agudo (

Isabel (@lovewesay)

Isabel is so unique and interesting. She is living my dream! How would you like to explore all the natural wonders of our country, hop from one destination to another, eat, sleep, do everything in your own van? Van-life seems challenging, but that's what makes it interesting. 
Photo from Isabel (
Photo from Isabel (

Praise the heavens for her instagram feeds. Her stunning photographs are a positive affirmation that with determination and a clear goal in sight, you can make whatever you desire into reality.

Photo from Isabel (

Aside from her gorgeous photos, her captions and quotes are awe-inspiring!

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