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Meet Zosima “Maming” Acuram: The Best Pinoy Advocate


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Choose Philippines | Dec 07, 2016

This award goes to an individual or group of Filipinos who brought honor to the country. 
Their achievements, passion for their work, and love for country make us even prouder of the Philippines.

Zosima “Maming” Acuram had dedicated her talents and her life to helping the children of Bohol, and rightly says so when she received her award, saying, “I am very thankful for the God-given talent, and I want to share this with the children of Bohol.”

Zosima "Maming" Acuram

Even at a young age, Maming, a native of Bohol, already showed interest in music. At the tender age of 5, she had already picked up a guitar, and quickly learned to play it. However, during her youth, music was reserved for only the affluent members of society. Though times have changed since then, Maming has always taken this to heart, and was one of the primary reasons why she became a music teacher in the first place. For her, music should be enjoyed by everyone, and she used that mindset to help teach the students she so adores the necessary skills to help them succeed, while simultaneously preserving the beauty of Boholano culture. Her unwavering dedication and fiery passion to enrich lives through music make her the best recipient of this year’s Best Pinoy Advocate.

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