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Traveler Compiles PH Travels, Creates Heartwarming Video

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Choose Philippines | Feb 01, 2017
Traveler Compiles PH Travels, Creates Heartwarming Video

With the advent of the internet and global communication, travel has become easier and much more accessible than ever. It has evolved from a trend done only by the affluent of society to a worldwide phenomenon enjoyed by intrepid adventurers of all social classes. 

For many Filipinos, travel is more than just seeing beautiful places and swimming in crystal-clear beaches. For travelers like Rodrigo Jonson Tinchuanco Acuzar Jr., founder of JustGoPilipinas, the reason why he travels is more than simply seeing beaches or mountains.

In his introductory video, he bares all of his feelings towards travel: “Ako, napagtanto ko na lahat ng bagay sa buhay ay temporaryo. Buong tapang mong kailangan tatanggapin na ang lahat ay may hangganan. Maiksi ang buhay.” (For me, I’ve come to realize that everything in life is temporary. You must accept that all things are finite, and that life is terribly short.)

For JustGoPilipinas, life is worth living while one is free and able to do so. For Rod, the Philippines, in all its beauty, is a place worth traveling: “Isang paraiso ang Pilipinas.” (The Philippines is paradise.)

Be inspired to live, love, and most especially, wander. Watch JustGoPilipinas’ touching video above. 

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