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Photographer Captures Beautiful Morning Moments In Baguio


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Choose Philippines | Feb 10, 2017
Photographer Captures Beautiful Morning Moments In Baguio

For a tropical country like the Philippines, which experiences heatwaves nearly all year round, having a cool place like Baguio is a blessing. The city has been dubbed as the Summer Capital of the country, and for good reason: the climate in the Northern Mountains is significantly colder, and though it doesn’t (and would never) snow up there, the cold is enough to satisfy any hot and weary Filipino traveler.

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In fact, late evenings and early mornings in Baguio are when the temperatures drop the lowest, yet in spite of the cold, the locals proceed with life as normal, showcasing the resilience and ability of the Filipino to adapt and flourish.

The photos below will show you how daily life in Baguio proceeds as normal, yet is made more special by the climate—there’s just something subtly different, perhaps because of the cold that constantly envelopes it.

The cold weather makes you wish that you were there during Baguio's glory days, when the pollution wasn't as prevalent, and the streets were quieter and less crowded.

All images taken from H. Mendoza Photography. You can learn more about Heintje Mendoza and his photography through his Facebook page here.

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